Monday, July 2, 2012

We live in the most amazing part of the Country....

Sorry - I got distracted with record high temperatures, deadly storms and power outages - all at the same time. 

But I'm back, baby!

So, after the whole exploration of underground caves wherein I thought I was going die, we decided to head out to grab some lunch.

Now, you may not know this but I live in one of the coolest areas of the country.  
Within a short drive we have:

Numerous Lakes
The Ocean
The Chesapeake Bay
Washington DC
Harpers Ferry

We ended up in Harpers Ferry for lunch.

If you've never been, and you are able to make it to the area,  you definitely should go.

I'm ashamed to admit this but I had never been to the quaint town of Harpers Ferry and I've lived here more years than I care to admit and its less than an hours drive. 

We were a bit unprepared - meaning we were wearing long pants (its cold in the caverns, remember?) and we didn't actually PLAN to do any sightseeing....

At the very end of town - the river is right behind me as I stand here taking pictures...

It was HOT

Harpers Ferry sits at the crux of two rivers - the Shenandoah and Potomac Rivers. 

The town is full of history - especially civil war history.  Luckily, these two kids are history lovers like their mom and dad....

This girls taking a shade break at the tow path that runs along the edge of the rivers. Notice Sydney's pants - apparently that made the heat a bit more bearable. 

We stopped for a really awful lunch (seriously - it was horrible and cost an arm and a leg) and then decided to walk around a bit and check things out. The Appalachian Trail runs right through here.  It was a beautiful day but it was pretty warm.  Sydney was the only one who thought to was too hot be outside. 

Walking along the river

This path goes on for miles and miles...

One of the attractions of this area is all the water sports - kayaking, rafting, swimming - it's a beautiful part of the river and is always filled with people.

Sydney taking a break from the heat.

Part of a very old bridge - all the footers still stand - some 50 feet or higher  - in the river. I want to stick my toes in the water?

Nah - I'll just stand here and look pretty....
By this time, Sydney was MIS-ER-A-BLE. 

Who had the bright idea to go hiking and exploring and sightseeing in 90+ degree weather while wearing pants?  Huh, mom?  WHO?

This is one of the bridge footers - the trees are literally growing out of the top of it. 

We walked along the river and then started across the railroad bridge to the Maryland side above - you can't see them, but there are people climbing that cliff across the way. 

View from the beginning of the bridge across the river.

The water here is not that deep.  As you can see, the little island is a popular place for rafters to stop and swim on their journey down the river.

As we were crossing the bridge, we saw something fall and heard a scream - I saw what had fallen and thought the worst.....

Until I got a good look at it. 

Yes - that's what fell.  And yes, it is what you think it is. 

Who takes a blow up doll rafting? 

I want to take the kids rafting later this summer. 

We made it half way across the bridge and got tired of listening to Sydney complain, so we headed back to town. 

We climbed up the streets (the town sits literally on the side of a huge hill) and explored a few of the historic sites. 

This was taken from the "Mansion" in town.  I can't remember whose mansion it was......

Same mansion - looking up at the Catholic Church. 

View of the town looking down from the Church

Another view from the Church

The church was stunning.

By the time we climbed the hundred of steps and made our way into the church, Sydney was beet red, near tears and D.O.N.E.  We sat here for a few minutes so she could cool down and then we left.

They still have Sunday services here.  I wuold love to attend a service. 

Poor Sydney was overheated at this point, so we decided to call it a day.  But both the girls asked if we could come back and explore all the things we didn't get to see.

So long as I let them dress appropriately.