Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Is it Summer yet?

Just about!

Today is the girls last day of school.

I am now officially the mother of a middle schooler (God help me) and a third grader.

Where did the time go?  *sniff, sniff*

The Casino Night Event for PPF was a big success! 
Is it wrong for me to be sooooo glad THAT'S over?
Because I am. 
Glad it was a success, had a great time, but wow - lots of work and lots of stress went into it.

I'm finally to the point where I can start finishing up things I started a few weeks ago - my sitting room looks the same as it did a month ago (with a bit more dust bunnies) and I really want to get that room in order so that's on the agenda for the next week.


We have so much jam packed into this summer that it will probably FLY by, but my goal this year is to

My kids are growing SO fast.

And in the words of my secret lover Steven Tyler -  I don't want to miss a thing.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

I'm channeling my inner Samuel Jackson...

This morning started like any other.....

I got the girls ready, led them to the basement and out the garage, ran them up to the bus stop, came back - again through the basement - went upstairs, got my coffee, let the dogs in, locked up and once again made my way down the basement steps to the garage and my car. 

About three steps down I noticed something that wasn't there five minutes before....


Is that.......?

(that's what I screamed at the TOP of my lungs for, oh...60 seconds or so)

I HATE snakes.....

It wasn't moving and had lots of lumps.  Was it dead?  Was it just resting?

I had no idea what to do.

So I took a picture of it.

Sorry it's so far away and blurry but I felt that standing on the top basement step while screaming and shaking was a MUCH better idea than actually getting closer to it.

My brother and mom came up about ten hours later.

OK,  so it was only like 15 minutes but it FELT like ten hours and by this point I was almost hyperventilating.

By this time the snake had decided I was freaking HIM out and he was on the move.

He moved right behind my fridge and freezer we keep in the basement.
(I have a ridiculous amount of freezers and refrigerators.  Seriously.)

We (and by "we" I mean my mom with her cane and my brother - I felt it was my job to sit on the steps rocking and sucking my thumb) chased him down and cornered him behind the freezer.  Brandon even got a hold of him with some clamp thingy and


....he slithered out and disappeared.

Right into the back of the freezer where the motor is.

That's right people, I have a snake in my freezer.

And I can't get it out.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Just a few more days.....

I was asked chair a Casino Night Benefit for the Patty Pollatos Fund and the event is this Saturday night.

You may remember that they helped us out with Beth last year when we had the Benefit Concert and Auction for her and Ciana, a little girl who also had cancer. 

So, it's crunch time (read - TIME TO PANIC)  trying to get volunteers straight, the auction items organized and set up completed. 

I'll be out of loop a few more days, but I'll be back soon!

Wish us luck!