Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Princess and the Punk - Continued....Again

Chapter 3

The ride home from the seashore was a blur. The next few days were a blur. A mix of grieving, being strong for the family and, for Princess, trying to be there for the Punk.

You see, at this point, all of their friends had figured them out. And all of them wanted to make sure that Princess was taking care of Punk. He was devastated at the death of his friend.

Princess still hadn’t told Punk how she felt.

A few days after things had calmed down, Punk called Princess. And he’d been drowning his sorrows.

He confronted her about his declaration and the fact that she didn’t seem to feel the same way.

“I’m afraid”, said Princess.

“Of what?” said Punk, “I laid it all out there for you and you didn’t say it back.”

“But, if I had said it – right then – would you have believed it? Or would you always have wondered if I said it because of what happened? Would you have thought I said it because I didn’t know how to handle your grief and wanted to make you feel better? For me to say those words, you need to know that I mean them. And with everything else going on, I was afraid you’d doubt me.”

Punk came over to see Princess later that night.

And she told him.

I love you too.

Chapter 4

After that, Punk and Princess began a real relationship. It was tough for both of them. Princess was independent, had a FIERY temper and had some control issues. But she was also a compassionate person, who lived life in the gray.

Punk was stubborn – beyond belief – opinionated and lived life as though it was black or white. But he was a giving, loving man, who adored Princess.

Two more opposite people you couldn’t find.


They loved each other.

They needed each other.

They completed each other.

They made each other whole.

They fought – oh my! – did they fight! But sometimes passion gets the best of you. Fighting isn’t bad. Fighting isn’t the end of something worth hanging on to. Sometimes you just don’t realize that. Sometimes it takes something drastic to realize that.

But they were young, they had no real responsibility. So they ignored it and counted on love to get them through.

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