Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chapter 6

And so, Princess and Punk became Husband and Wife.

It was a glorious wedding. They were surrounded by those who loved them and took their vows in an intimate ceremony at twilight, with only the twinkle lights and the candles in the pool for light. Their friends and family didn't sit and watch, they stood around them and surrounded them with love and good wishes while they promised to love one another forever.

They quickly realized that marriage was hard work, but hey – they could do it, right? Nothing to it….

They set about making their castle their own, with a few castle improvement projects like knocking down walls, putting in a party room for entertaining and having a party for all their friends and family to enjoy!

Almost a year after they were married, Princess got quite a surprise – she and Punk were going to have a little prince or princess of their own! They set about making a nursery and anxiously looked forward to the arrival of their new bundle of joy.

On February 14, 2000, their lives were forever changed by the arrival of little Princess Lou-Lou. With her head of dark wavy hair, her peaches and cream skin and deep red lips, she looked like Snow White.

Princess and Punk quickly fell in love with Lou-Lou and settled into the role of parents.

But, as happy as they were with their little baby girl, life was difficult. Money was tight. They had trouble adjusting. There were battles about child care, diaper duty, the care of the baby. It was rough. Having a baby soon made Princess realize that life now revolved around Lou-Lou and, in her zeal to be a good mommy, she sometimes forgot that Punk needed her too. And Punk, he had a hard time adjusting to this new little life that had to take precedence over everything else. Gone were the days when he could get up in the morning and decide to play golf on a whim. Or go run errands. He took for granted that Princess would be taking care of Lou-Lou. And she resented the fact that he took that for granted.

Things got even rougher. They decided they needed help, so they went to talk to someone.

And it helped. Little by little, things got better. They began talking more. They were becoming a Family.

And they wanted another little Prince or Princess.

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