Tuesday, April 28, 2009

We made it....

No air conditioning.....and the temp is dropping 20 to 25 degrees tonight. No need for it now! Even the weatherman on the local news this evening complimented us.

Well, OK, he technically he congratulated anyone who hadn't turned on their A/C yet.

But he was totally talking to me.

I love my house. Really, I do. But these trees lining the driveway? I'd have bought the house just for them....

Take a good look and don't blink, or you'll miss them. My next post will be pictures of pink snow drifts......

We don't need to go to DC to see the Cherry Blossoms...

We finally got our fence installed. The boys are very happy......

They had to sniff every inch of new space.

It took awhile.

It turned out great and the boys have room to RUN (and run they have).

Baxter - chillin' in his yard....

Brian, surveying his domain.

Monday, April 27, 2009


It's. so. hot.

It's been in the 90's for the past three days.

The 90's!!!!

It's only April.

I simply can't turn on my air conditioning yet.

Because, again, it's only APRIL.

It's just a thing with me.

Like Christmas shopping in July.

Can't do it.

It just doesn't feel right.

Unfortunately, if last night was any indication of what the next two nights will be like, I think I'll probably have to break down and turn it on.

It was hot as balls.

Miserable sleeping.

Seriously. Miserable.

The temperature is supposed to drop back down to the 60's on Wednesday. If we can just hang in there for another day and a half, I can avoid turning on the air conditioning......

Maybe I can convince the family to "camp out" in our unfinished, below grade basement....

Where it is currently about 50 degrees.

Perfect for sleeping.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Blog Stalker

I follow a lot of blogs. Many of which never even know I was there. I read the trials and tribulations of said Bloggers lives....the good, the bad, the sad, the funny....they make me appreciate what I have, long for what I don't, laugh out loud, ponder the universe and sometimes realize how insignificant my problems really are...

They are the blogs of parents who have lost children or spouses, or are dealing with children with special needs and need prayers. They are the blogs of working moms like me and blogs of people who have touched others with their profound words. They are the blogs of my friends and the blogs of those whom I've never met.

There are blogs of people I know only through the blogs of others. I've come to know their children, their spouses, their hopes, their goals. I cheer when they achieve something and I cry when they don't.

I try to leave comments on most, to let them know I was there, and that I was interested and that I "listened" to what they had to say. I would say it's odd, but if you have a blog, you are throwing yourself out there for the world to see. I do.

There are blogs that I stalk. I quietly follow- still interested - but just not commenting. I myself have some blog stalkers. They don't leave comments, but they check in, they read about what's happening in their lives and I hope they get a chuckle every now and then and - sometimes - I hope I make them think about something they wouldn't otherwise consider. They don't have to leave a comment, but I wish they would, because I'd like to know what they think.

Then there are some blogs that you read and are instantly hooked. there's some connection there you can't put a finger on, but you "get" this blogger and you comment every time you visit. You try to make witty comments, you sympathise when something is wrong, you become a cheerleader when needed and mostly, you just enjoy reading that bloggers way of writing and communicating and want to hear what they have to say.

One blog in particular comes to mind. I have been reading Andrea's blog for....a long time now! I have no idea how I found it, but the title caught my interest...

Pass the Zoloft.

She's since started another web page with her sister-in-law, Karin. Although i haven't "known" Karin as long, I love checking in with her as well. And the name of Karin's blog?

Gin and Bear It.

Oh Yeah. These girls know how to catch your eye, that's for sure.

Andrea has an incredible gift. I encourage you to read. The link to Andrea and Karin's web page is now located on the left. And maybe she'll make you stop and think about your own life.

And maybe, just maybe, she'll make you laugh out loud. I know I do.

Friday, April 24, 2009


Whoops! I just realized I haven't gotten around to posting the Easter Pictures!

Olivia, apparently practicing her modeling faces.....

The "Easter Bunny" hides thier baskets.
(Not very well, but eh....s/he tries)


Can it be?

The Henry girls, sitting next to each other?

Not beating the crap out of each other?

And actually Smiling??????

Miracle of miracles....

Um, Mom? Can we wrap this up? It's bright out here. And windy. And cold.

Mom. ENOUGH with the camera.


Can we eat now???

Quite possibly the biggest chocolate strawberry in Maryland.

Olivia's trying to figure out how to eat hers.......

Seriously. Mom. E-NOUGH with the CAMERA!

Liv's Spring Choral Concert.

Singin' her little heart out!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

I'm Intolerant of Intolerance......

Yup. I'll admit it. I'm a hypocrite.

I am constantly "preaching" tolerance to my kids, my husband, the postman...

You get the picture.

But I have to say, in this instance, that I am intolerant.

As you know from an earlier post, Frederick County, and specifically Middletown, is dealing with an unspeakable tragedy, the likes of which have never been seen here. A father, suffering from mental illness, has killed his wife and three young children. It's unfathomable to the community. It's unbearable to the family and friends of the family.

I spoke with a friend who grew up near the young mother who was killed. She went to the viewing this evening and afterwards spoke of how amazing this family is....all five family members will be buried together. All FIVE. All FIVE are being honored with a Catholic Mass. The parents of the husband have been a very visible and welcome part of the arrangements, and were there this evening at the viewing. Both families issued a joint statement. Both families realize that he had an illness - that he was a loving husband and father - but he was sick. His parents not only have to deal with the loss of their child, their daughter-in-law and their beloved grandchildren, but they have to come to terms with the fact that their son - their child - was responsible for those deaths. My heart goes out to them.

The most amazing thing to me is that these families stand stand together. Blame is not being thrown to one family over another. They recognize that they are in this together. They recognize that they are grieving together....that they are still a family.

They stand United. They stand in Love. They ARE forgiveness, and understanding and love.

And to me, that is the most fundamental teaching of Christ.

Love one another.

Support one another.

Don't place blame on the undeserving.

Recognize that the weakness of others, isn't an excuse to condemn them.

And this is why, the protest that has been planned by the Westport Baptist Church sickens me.

I am tolerant of all religions. I am offended by those who think that if I don't believe what they believe, then I'm wrong. But I STILL defend their right to the fundamental freedom of their belief. They are entitled to it and it's not my place to say they are wrong.

Until now.


I encourage you to read the Press Release. This isn't the teachings of the Lord.

I'm not a "religious" person in the typical sense, but I believe in God. I believe in Good and Evil. I believe in Heaven and Hell.

And this is wrong.

Go home protestors.

Leave the family and the friends, and the community surrounding them, to their grief.

Because they are far closer to God, and far better Christians, than you will ever hope to be.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Wisdom of Sydney....

The following is a transcript of my conversation with Sydney at 7:00 a.m. this morning as she crawled into bed with me to snuggle before we started our day:

SYDNEY: "Hi Mommy! Guess what? Last night I woked-ed up in the middle of the night."

MOMMY: "You did? Why baby?"

S: "I heard a car go by."

S: "Isn't that crazy? That's cr - azy mommy."

M: (laughing) "Why is that cr - azy?"

S: (rolling her eyes) "Be-CUZ it was the MIDDLE of the NIGHT. Who drives a car in the middle of the night mommy??"

M: "Well, I -"

S: "Was it Miss Bobbi?"

M: " I don't know..."

S: "Was it Mimi? Where did she go?"

M: "I doubt it was Mimi- she was probably sleeping like all of us were."

S: "Except me."

M: "Except you. Because you heard a car go by."

S: "Yup. In the middle of the night."

M: "Right."

S: " Hmmmm. I know what it was. They had to go to Wal- Mart. Wal-Mart is open at the day but it's open at the night too."

M: "Really? Hmmm..."

S: "Yup. They musta gone to Wal-Mart to buy night stuff. Wal-Mart only sells to people night stuff in the middle of the night. If you need stuff sometimes do you go in the middle of the night mommy? When Livvie and me are sleeping? To get night stuff?"

M: "Ummm, no? What exactly is 'night stuff" Sydney?"

S: (again with the eye rolling) "It's STUFF you can only buy at Wal-Mart in the NIGHT. OK?"

M: "Yup. That clears it up."

If anyone knows what "Night Stuff" is, please let me know. I'd prefer not to make a trip to my local Wal-Mart at 3 o'clock in the morning to see what all the fuss is about. And, apparently I'm missing out, since, you know, Wal-Mart only sells this stuff in the middle of the night.

Monday, April 20, 2009

I'm hugging my kids even more than before.

This has been weighing heavily on my mind......


I lived in an apartment in Braddock Heights/Middletown Maryland and worked for the only doctors in Middletown for years. Her maiden name sounds very familiar to me and I can only assume it's due to my time working at the doctor's office, where she was surely a patient (as everyone in Middletown was it seemed...)

She was a blogger as well. Her last post gave me chills...


I can only hope they were all asleep when it happened and, if they weren't, that she was gone first and didn't realize what had happened to her children...

Rest in Peace.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


The weather here sucks - Bleh. It's been rainy and cold and Bleh.

BUT!!! It's supposed to be BEEEEE-U-TI-FUL this weekend and I can't wait! I'm going to get my veggies started (indoors in pots until it gets a wee bit warmer) and I'm going to play in the yard with the kiddies and open all the windows of house to let out the stale winter air and stand in my family room and feel the breeze and watch the curtains flutter as spring makes its entrance into my home....

I'm very excited.

I have an exam tonight and then I'll be done with Construction. Still have three weeks left of Investments (boo) and since I really do not like that class, these three weeks are sure to drag by slowly until it's time to hand in my final exam at which point I'll be FREAKING OUT as I typically do.
But, after tonight, one more class down, four to go. Plus my Practicum.

I'm almost done.

How can that be?

And what will I do next?


Thursday, April 9, 2009

I'm Petunia...meet my husband Porky.

Brian and I are getting fat.

Age has a lot to do with it. Lack of activity probably doesn't help. That and the fact that we love food and drink. Brian has discovered a love for cooking fish and seafood. He is now the designated seafood and fish chef, while I am the everything else chef.

We eat well - lots of fiber, lots of veggies, everything low fat, and not a lot of junk food. However, since I have not been following the Weight Watchers plan as closely as I had been, I have noticed the pounds creeping back on, ounce by ounce. It happens so slowly that you don't really notice it at first. Then one day you get on the scale and think that can't possibly be how much you weigh.

But it is.

I have struggled with my weight my entire life, so I'm used to this game. Brian however, was a string bean who could eat anything and everything and he ate a LOT of junk food (until he met me and I made him eat fresh veggies, broke his salt habit and showed him that gravy isn't technically a side dish). He never gained weight.


And then he hit his 30's.

Welcome to my world.

He's absolutely baffled about how this happened and is determined to do something about it. I have been bugging him for years to join a gym with me or get a treadmill in the house - something where we can get some exercise! He's never been interested.

Until now.

Now he's MO-TI-VATED. I am going to strike while the iron is hot and join the Y. We could all use the exercise, they have a fabulous gym, racquetball courts, pools, it's close to us and they have some great kids programs.

I don't expect to look like I should be on the pages of a magazine in designer clothes or a bikini (God Forbid). I'd just like to be comfortable in my own skin. And comfortable in my clothes.

Brian....well, Brian would like to look like a 20 year old studly underwear model.

I'll let you know how it goes....

Monday, April 6, 2009

Easter? Already??

It seems like it was just Christmas. How can it be Easter already? And it was 70 degrees yesterday and tomorrow we're supposed to get snow. Apparently, the world has gone crazy.

Which makes me feel better cuz at least I'm not the only one.

A few weeks ago was the "Spring Dance" at the girls school. I use the term "dance" loosely, since the "dance" consists of the gym with a disco ball, DJ and 200 screaming elementary school kids.

Oh Yeah. It's a great time. Last year I went by myself.

I made Brian go with me this year. He was miserable. That made me feel better.

And here are the girls, all gussied up before we left.

Isn't that a cute picture?

Of course, that was the tenth picture I took of them together.

Here's the first.

Nice, Sydney. (It makes me laugh everytime I look at it....)

Olivia has got the modeling poses down perfectly.


Sydney tries....

Poor thing....with both of her top front teeth gone, she looks like "Fang" from "Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing"

But she's still so stinking cute I could eat her up!

On Saturday, I went to Baltimore to tour a new building under construction. It was SO COOL.

And I got to wear a hard hat.

And yes, it should have been lower on my head. But then it would have messed up my hair, so......

Then when I got home, I got Liv ready for her dance pictures.

Make up and hair are done and she's posing for mom....

Ever since she started dance lessons 6 years ago, I've wanted to see her in a real, live, pink tutu...


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

And so it continues.....

It's been a busy few weeks and I'm sure it's only going to get busier!

Tonight I get my Finance Mid-Term back - I'm a'scared!

April 15'th is my final exam for the construction class (3 weeks before the actual end of the semester - don't ask - the reason is absolutely ridiculous). This Saturday I have a site visit in Baltimore - also for the construction class. I'm so freaking annoyed that I am required to spend yet ANOTHER weekend day in Baltimore that I think I may protest.

Unless there are hot construction workers hanging around.

Then I'll let it go.

But only if they're REALLY cute.

The girls are gearing up for dance recitals, pictures, Easter and Sydney's birthday (my baby will be six - how is that even remotely possible????) Things are getting ready to kick into high gear around here! This time of year is almost as bad as the holidays for us!

On another note - I have officially quite smoking. I can't quite believe it myself. I had scheduled a physical exam (I've never had one before. The doctor lectured me for quite awhile about that one. I'll be making more regular visits now) and I talked to her about smoking. Although I had weaned myself quite drastically, I was having trouble with those last few cigarettes and I really wanted to quit. She prescribed some medicine and it has been (surprisingly) easier than I anticipated.

So far.

It's early yet, but I'm on my way! The medicine has some pretty yucky side effects (a little dizziness, a lot of stomach issues) but as an added bonus, not only does it suppress your craving for some smokes, it also suppresses your appetite. Bonus!

Unfortunately, it also makes you a "bit more cranky and irritable", which basically means that if you have anyone you would like bitch slapped, bitched out or run over with a bitchin' car, call me.

I'm your girl.