Thursday, September 11, 2008

Chapter 7

Princess and Punk tried…and tried…..and TRIED to have another baby. But, as fun as it was practicing all the time, it soon began to wear on them. It had been almost a year and it just wasn’t happening. They didn’t know why.

Princess began to think that maybe they were only meant to have Lou-Lou. And as Lou-Lou got older and began to grow from a baby to a toddler, Princess reflected back on having an infant and thought “Do I really want to go back to diapers and bottles and sleepless nights and being house bound with a baby?”

Don’t get me wrong – she LOVED being a mom. She always wanted three children. But it seemed that it wasn’t meant to be. And time was quickly passing and she wasn’t sure if she wanted to try it again, or simply devote herself to Lou-Lou.

And this is what caused a crisis in her marriage to Punk.

Punk didn’t want Lou-Lou to be an only child. He was an only child and he knew the loneliness. He wanted another, and he made that clear to Princess. The stress of not being able to have another baby, the constant doubts, the worry, each of them privately worrying “What’s WRONG with me?” began to take its toll. They began fighting. They were big fights. Lots of yelling and screaming and lots of accusations.

And then they were quiet. Not speaking to each other at all. And that was worse.

Soon it felt as if there was nothing there. That they could never forgive each other for the things said in anger. The hurt they imflicted on each other.

And so, the Princess took Lou-Lou and moved to the King and Queen’s house. She didn’t know how to fix what was so broken…..

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