Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Princess and the Punk - Continued....

Chapter 2

A few weeks later, Princess went out with her lady-in-waiting again. It was close to Thanksgiving and Princess was feeling the holiday spirit. She walked into the pub for Happy Hour to meet her lady-in-waiting.

And there he was.
Closer now.
Would he remember her?
They had all gathered for Happy Hour.
Princess couldn’t believe it.

She hadn’t felt this way – EVER – about someone she didn’t know. She told her lady-in-waiting “That’s Him!” Her lady in waiting was dumbstruck – it turned out that the friend the lady-in-waiting was meeting for Happy Hour knew this man.

His name was Punk.

They connected in the pub – flirting, shooting glances at each other, talking briefly, until they ended up passionately kissing at the end of the night.


Quietly, over the next few weeks and months, Princess and Punk got to know each other. It turned out they had several mutual friends. They decided – without talking about it – that it was best not to let anyone in on their secret love affair. The Princess felt this way because, well, after the Dark Years, she’d never get burned again. If no one knew, then no one would know when they eventually went their separate ways. She wouldn’t be made a fool of again. She enjoyed her time with Punk and began to have feelings for him – feelings that she would neither admit to her ladies-in-waiting, nor to Punk himself.

But the feelings were there. And at that point, as much as Punk and Princess tried not to show their feelings for each other in front of their friends, their friends quickly caught on. And respected their wishes and didn’t make a big deal out of it.

And then one day, while they were mercifully alone at the seashore, having made excuses to their friends for not leaving with them, Punk uttered three little words….

I love you

And Princess’s world was turned upside down.

She felt dizzy. She opened her mouth to reply.

The phone rang.

It was bad news.

A friend of Punk’s had passed away.

She couldn’t say it now! He’d think it was in pity and he needed her to help him through his grief.

So she held him.

And didn’t say a word.

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