Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Princess and the Punk

The "G" version.

There once was girl. We’ll call her “Princess”. Princess was in her mid-20’s and was living the single life. She had her own apartment in a castle on the mountain, a job she enjoyed and was going to school to get educated. Princess was fine being single, because she enjoyed the independence she had - no one to answer to, no one to offer their opinions, no one to tell her she shouldn’t buy those shoes…She was surrounded by a wonderful group of ladies-in-waiting and an incredible family. Life was GOOD.

Princess was in a phase she called the “Other Side of the Dark Years”. The Dark Years made her realize that she was responsible for her own success and her own happiness, and Dammit, she was going to take care of herself and have a great time! She dated – but not often. Too much headache. She never wanted to depend on anyone else – ever – for anything. She would forge her own path in life. It’s a hard lesson to learn. But once Princess realized that she alone was responsible for her own happiness, she felt freed. And motivated. She could do anything. She would do everything. She didn’t like to rule out true love, but she’d been burned – the Dark Years – and realized that true love was not always what it seemed. She enjoyed the opposite sex. She just wouldn’t put too much faith in them.

One cold November night, the Princess was out with one of her ladies-in-waiting. She was having an OK time, but was thinking about going home. And then –

The world stopped.
The room melted away.
Electricity seemed to fill the room.
She saw the most beautiful man she had ever seen.
They made eye contact.
Her heart skipped several beats.
He smiled and she smiled back.
She was done.

She looked at her lady-in-waiting and pointing to him said “THAT’S what I want for Christmas. WAITER!! I’ll take one of those to go, please.”

He got lost in the crowd - she lost sight of him - it was time to go. She never thought she’d see him again.

Little did she know….

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