Monday, December 21, 2009

Brain freeze


I didn't realize how long it's been since my last post.

So sorry blogger world.

What can I say?

School is done (still waiting for that last grade Dammit!) I've been busy with the house (it's amazing how fast the house goes to hell when you ignore it for three months) and the kids (they are starting to recognize me again - YAY!) and Christmas (Ho HO HOOOOO)!

I'll blame it on my brain freezing from the bitter cold and TWO FEET of snow we got.

But you probably wouldn't believe me (because really, it's a bad excuse).

Pictures to come - PROMISE!!!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This made my day.....

Course Grade: A

I thought that this was an outstanding discussion of the LEED process and you did a lot of work in researching the cost numbers. It also highlights the importance of obtaining certification during construction versus afterwords. I was bit surprised about how many LEED points were thrown away by not starting rehab project under the LEED program.

I also commend you for your rational analysis of obtaining post construction LEED certification

I am beyond thrilled! I was extremely nervous about this paper (it was Independent Study) and developing the conclusion that LEED certification for this particular rehab was simply not financially feasible made me nervous since this was a "Sustainability" class.

That's one less thing to worry if I can just get through my last two papers.....

Monday, December 7, 2009


One more final and one more HUGE paper.

One class is DONE. Turned that in on Sunday.

Presentation last Wednesday kicked ass (of course - my team rocked).

By Saturday, I'll be school free and ready to enjoy the holiday.

I have lots to catch you up on!

I swear - I'll be back soon :)

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.....

Christmas Trees from Christmas 2008

The Christmas season is always kicked off by the arrival of two special trees sent to my girls from Judi and Ted (aka Gamma Judi & Mister).

They always arrive near Thanksgiving, are always decorated so beautifully and are so unique.

Not to mention the fact that we are getting quite the little grove of evergreen trees in our yard since Brian plants them in January every year.

When the girls are older they can look at these tall trees and remember all the Christmas seasons that were kicked off by their arrival.

They truly do mark the official beginning of the holiday season here in our home.

This years trees did not disappoint...

Olivia's tree

Sydney's tree

They're getting excited!!!

When I brought in the packages the girls said "WOW!! Christmas is almost here! Our trees are here!!!!!"

Thank you for starting this wonderful tradition when the girls were so young.

We love you Gamma Judi & Mister!

Thanksgiving 2009

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving....

We did. It was my turn to host and we had such a great time. My Parents (on the left), my mom's Cousin Ruthie and her hubby Ken (on the right), Aunt Mil (behind Ken) Brian's parents, my brother and his girlfriend Misou and the four of us all sat down to eat some amazing food and enjoy each other's company.

Aunt Mil, Ruthie and Ken

Brandon and the adorable Misou...

My father-in-law, Pop-Pop. (Can you tell that the kids had the camera?)

My Dad, Poppy.

Apparently the grandfathers were not too happy about getting their pictures taken.

I can't imagine why. And it didn't stop the girls from snapping away!

I bought 12 of these little turkey guys to use as place markers. I had this bright idea to let the girls put them together and put one at each seat with a name card.

After 3 hours, lots of glue, several fingers fused together (mine) and only 4 completed, I made the executive decision that we were no longer using them as place card holders.

They were now simply "decorative accents" to be placed on the table strategically.

At four a year, I should have them all completed just in time for Thanksgiving 2011.

Up to my eye balls in school work - only 8 days left!