Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend - FINALLY

Brian and I spent another wonderful weekend with these two fabulous people….. 




As always, we were spoiled :) 



Judi and I did a lot of talking and a little bit of shopping.  The great thing about spending the weekend there is that there are no expectations.  It’s just a relaxing time, with two wonderful people. And we love being with them.



They surprised me Friday night with dinner at a fabulous restaurant – where we had a private room – with delicious wine, champagne, a cake (for my birthday) and the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen (for graduation). 

All throughout my education – both undergraduate and graduate – Judi and Ted have been my sounding boards, my cheerleaders and always provided me with encouragement when I felt overwhelmed.


Is it any wonder that I love these two people?


Brian and Ted played A LOT of golf, which Brian rarely gets to do given his schedule and which he loves – so much.  We’re blessed that we have them in our lives and can only hope that they know how much we love and appreciate all they do for us. 


Just because you aren’t blood related doesn’t mean you can’t be a family.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

What a weekend! Stay tuned.....

We had an amazing, wonderful, relaxing (for me) and golf filled (for Brian) weekend with Judi and Ted. I have pictures, but for some reason they are blurry so I will be working on making them clearer so I can post some from our trip!

And, on another note, I started redoing my Gram's kitchen table - this is going to be a BIG job......

Sunday, July 11, 2010

July…so far.

July is always one of my favorite months.  First there’s the Fourth of July, and mom and dad always have a party (which means my brother and I get to have a party too!)



Beth decorated her head for occasion….



I absolutely love her attitude.  The poor girl has gone through chemo, is getting ready to have surgery and then radiation.  She’s not ashamed or embarrassed of her bald head and wears it proudly!


Liv and Beth's daughter Emma – two peas in a pod who have grown up together and are the best of friends (they call each other “cousins”).  They were clearly scheming something in this photo….


There were a lot of kids in the pool.  We added a few more as the day went by!


Jami (Beth’s sister-in-law), Beth and me.  This ones going in a frame…..

These two lovely ladies are my oldest friends in the world.  Nora (middle) and Betsy (right) and I have been friends since we were in seventh grade.  They're they kind of friends that I don’t talk to every day, but if I needed something, they’d drop everything to be with me.  We get together as often as we can and always joke about how different we are, yet remain so very close.


Their little girls, Riley and Harmony were goofing around while Aunt Deb tried to take pictures…..


Riley (right) is Betsy’s daughter.  Harmony (left) is Nora's.  Riley, Harmony and Sydney were all born within months of each other.


Sharon – with bunny ears, courtesy of Riley…


The party went late – as they always do, with the hard core partiers staying up late under the umbrellas, talking….


Since it was a few days before my birthday, they had a cake and a crown for me.  I look so thrilled about turning 40.


Mary Kaye stole my crown.


Dad – being goofy.


Tara – an acquaintance from high school that has become a great friend.  She showed up at the concert to help and quite literally, saved my sanity that day. 


Olivia – wondering why we are still  up so late…..


Brandon – making his best mean face.

045 046 047 

And then, as often happens when people have been drinking and getting a little wound up – the arm wrestling begins.  Tim (my co-organizer of the concert and a friend from high school) is one of a kind and has blended seamlessly into our family….He’s also not above kicking butt in arm wrestling.


First he beat dad.


Then Mary Kaye challenged him.
She’s freakishly strong.



But not strong enough.

056 057

Tara didn’t even really try – ha!

All in all – a great party!


It took me two days to recover.  I’m not a spring chicken anymore!!

And, lastly – a gratuitous picture of me and my baby girl after we all got “makeovers'” from my Goddaughter Taylor who was staying with us.


I’m scared of the teenage years.  She looked so grown up I almost fainted…..

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Good Bye Thirties

In a little less than an hour, I will be a 40 year old.

My 30's were A-MAZ-ING.

I had two gorgeous baby girls and watching them grow has given me more joy than I ever thought possible. (although Olivia was born a few months before I turned 30).

I finished my Bachelor's degree.

I finished my Master's Degree.

I moved into my dream house.

I made friends.

And lost a few.

I held a friend's hand as she gave birth to her precious baby boy.

And held another friend's hand as she gave birth to her unborn daughter who went with God.

I gained confidence in myself.

And humility.

I realized that the good things in life aren't always what I thought they would be.

I saw a growth in my marriage that convinced me we will be together forever.

My 30's were the best times of my life.

My 30's were the happiest time of my life - warts and all.

I became an adult in my 30's.

I grew up.

Bring it on 40's.

I'm ready.

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Happy Fourth of July everyone!

We're having a party at mom's today and tomorrow we'll be watching these....

Stay safe - and have fun everyone! See you soon!

(and if anyone can tell me how to get rid of those annoying green lines under some of my text that takes you to some search thingy - let me know! They just appeared one day! )