Friday, February 29, 2008


Good Lord! Brian and Sydney BOTH came down with pneumonia this week. Will it ever end????? I tucked them both up in the Master Bedroom (now dubbed Henry Hospital) and from Tuesday afternoon through this morning, they have been sleeping, coughing, wheezing, gagging, and miserable. The doc put them both on the Z-pac and after three days, Brian was feeling well enough to return to work. I'm afraid that was a mistake - they both were running high fevers (103+) and getting next to no sleep because of the coughing and general feeling of BLAH! I just know that he's going to relapse because just walking up and down the stairs tires him. Working all day will surely exhaust him.

I kept Sydney home though - missing one more day of school won't hurt (what could they possibly be doing that would be THAT important - it's only Pre-K, right?) and since I think this illness is a direct result of her not really recovering from the first round of" ick" in January - I'm not taking any chances!

So, I have been sleeping on the couch - very comfortable until you actually try to sleep on it for a few nights in a row and take care of a sick child, sick husband and a healthy (so far - KNOCK WOOD) 8 year old who's "bored", and still get up and go to work and school.

CALGON! TAKE ME AWAY!!! Spring can't get here soon enough......

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Killer Joe at the MET


Let me just start this by saying that I have the attention span of a gnat. It really takes a lot to keep me enthralled - the only word I can think of to truly describe how I felt this evening - and this play held my attention more than anything I have watched in a long time.

If you live in Frederick, Maryland - go to your phone immediately, dial information and ask for the number for the Maryland Ensemble Theater and order tickets. And do it fast. Because it's selling out and they are turning people away at the door....

One of my very best friends in the world, Megan (love you babe!) called me a few weeks ago and suggested that we go see this show at the MET. I should probably mention that one of our friends, Gene', and her husband, Tad, started this theater ten years ago and I have known them for years. As a matter of fact, I used to do a very poor job of running lights for them in the local bars when they used to perform with their improvisational comedy troupe "The Comedy Pigs"...who are absolutely hysterical.

Although I didn't do much for them I think they kept me around because I found these people so funny that I would laugh hysterically at rehearsal and that's what they were looking for....and I earned the nickname "Sparky" - which I happen to like.

So, anyway, when Megan suggested this, I said Sure! And let's go to dinner too! At Quynn's Attic - a restaurant owned and recently opened by another friend of ours who, along with Megan, Me, Gene', my brother and a plethora of other people, used to all act together in HIGH SCHOOL. That was 20 years ago for me, but as you can see, those friendships and connections have existed until now. I think that says something.

Anyway, Gene' joined us for dinner and we had a great time. And then it was time for the show....

And I LOVED it. I'm still thinking about it. What a dark, twisted look it was at family. There was laughter - violence(which had me on the edge of my seat) - sexual themes (hubba, hubba) - and a gorgeous naked man - I'm talking full frontal nudity, and it was impressive. I couldn't tell you the color of the actor's eyes, but I can tell you what he looks like naked. I'm in lust with Killer Joe.

But the amazing part - to me - was that when the lights came up for intermission, Meg and I looked at each other and went "WTF?? I don't want to stop! Keep going! Screw intermission!!"

And when it ended, we both wanted to know more of the story - surely it couldn't end there! What about Dottie and Killer Joe? What about Chris and Ansel? What about Charla?

Rarely is there a TV program, or a movie, or even a play that can do that to me. But this one did. And if you live anywhere near Frederick and you DON'T see it - you are doing yourself a disservice. So, call now and reserve tickets - you won't regret it....

Friday, February 22, 2008

Much ado about nothing...

Ho - hum....

I'm bored.

We got a "major winter event" last night (Ha! That was a laugh!). Schools were cancelled today - although I am not sure why - and I stayed home with the girls. And missed yet ANOTHER day of work. Good Grief!

And now it's raining. It's rather depressing actually.

The girls are watching movies - Sydney has fallen asleep - and this would be the PERFECT time to clean the house, get some homework done for class, catch up on the laundry, change the beds, etc., etc. All the things I wish I had time for.

I have the time right now. And what, you may ask, am I doing?

Playing computer games until my eyes bleed and posting a blog.

I'm so freakin' responsible. Mother and wife of the eyar right here, waiting for my trophy.

The thing that totally kills me is that I'll do NOTHING all day and then at about 4:30 I'll get a burr up my ass and frantically start doing all of the things I should have been doing all day long. I'm an idiot....

Ah well, I'm thirsty. Guess I'll go get something to drink. That should waste a few minutes.

Yay! The phone's ringing! I don't recognize the number. Hell, I don't care. I'll talk to anyone right now - even if it's a telemarketer.

Friday, February 15, 2008

When did I become a MILF??????

So I need to preface this blog with a little background.....

My husband works with a lot of younger guys (and by younger I mean early 20's). So he tells me about this conversation he has with one of these fellas yesterday in which he "lets it slip" that I am a few years older than him (which he seems to "let slip" frequently!) So this younger guy asks my husband if he likes "older women" (for the love of God - it's only 2 1/2 years age difference people!) and proceeds to ask my husband if I'm "Hot". My husband - being the good man he is who would like to get a little every now and then - says "Of course!" So far so good - I'm chuckling as he's telling me the story. He then prceeds to tell me that apparently I am now a "MILF".


When did I go from being a plain old "ILF" to a "MILF"??????????????????

I mean, come on! It's not like I'm ancient. I'm only 37. And a half. Ouch.

And yes, I DO have two children, but does that mean I will forever be thought of as a "mom" and not as a "hottie patottie"? Not that I ever was a "hottie patottie" to anyone other than my husband, but it's hard enough growing older and becoming an adult and not feeling as sexy with my husband as I once did, without now feeling like everyone else thinks the same thing about me! That's just unacceptable.

I stewed on it for awhile. I couldn't let Brian know that I was a little insulted - he thinks it should be a compliment. And I suppose he told me because he thought I would be flattered. So I sat by myself in the family room, had a drink, went to the kitchen, made school lunches for the kids, put their bookbags away, had another drink, realized it was Valentine's Day and that I should probably give my husband a "present"....

And then it hit me - Good Lord I am a "MILF". And if that's how my husband sees me, then I'll just have to embrace it. I'll be the best damn "MILF" there ever was!

So, happy that I had come to terms with this new found label, I went upstairs to bed to join my sweet hubby and show him how happy I was that he still loved me even though I was old and a mom.

But when my head hit the pillow, I promptly fell asleep. So much for that!!

Friday, February 8, 2008

For my Livvie Lou

So my brother informed me that I need to put pictures on the blog when I write something. That's a great idea and would be perfect except for the fact that my camera and computer haven't been talking to each other for awhile, so all of the lovely pictures I have been taking were lost in cyberspace. HOWEVER!! I do have some older pictures and since my Livvie Lou turned EIGHT today - on Valentine's Day (I thought I was getting lobster for dinner - instead a got a baby girl!), I thought it would be nice to show some pictures of my girl through the years. So, from left to right, starting at the top, this is my Olivia at age 4 - her second dance recital.... then we have Liv on her 5'th birthday, Liv on her 6'th Birthday (party at a real tea room with china and everything!), Liv at her third dance recital age 6, and Liv on her seventh birthday.....

And this is Sydney on her first day of school..... Isn't she cute????

I have also negotiated peace between my camera and the computer, so I have pictures from today of the girls Valentine Parties and Liv's "party" with me, Brian and Sydney...

I can't believe that eight years have gone by. It seems literally like yesterday that she was this little, tiny, dark haired, rosy lipped, beautiful little baby who would lay on my chest and sleep. All is right with the world when you are snuggled up in bed with your baby right next to you. Oh, she was so beautiful - she still is! Sometimes, over the years, (and I think until my dying day) I look at her and she just takes my breath away. How is it possible that this beautiful creature came from me?

They are growing up now and it's going so fast - sometimes I just want to hold my girls and keep them little gets better and better as they get older, but I can't help but get choked up when I think of them when they were babies....