Sunday, November 22, 2009

I swear I'll be back soon....

Two 20+ page projects
plus a quiz
plus a law paper
plus a final exam
all in the next two weeks

Send more Corona please!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


I know I say this all the time, but it's been a BUSY week!

Liv has had cheerleading practice three nights a week for the past several weeks getting ready for competition.

So we've been running her around to practices, and she's been working so hard........
and STILL managed to get straight A's!

Saturday, the girls cheered at the "Superbowl" game for the football team.
We drove an hour to the game, stood in the rain and wind for 2 hours and the poor guys lost.
It was so sad to see all those football players walking dejectedly off the field after getting to the championship game.

Saturday night Olivia had a "cheer"party, and all the girls got together and the coaches and a few of us moms put their hair up and curled it in little teeny pink rollers (remember those? OUCH!!) with about a pound of gel and hairspray per girl - in anticipation of competition Sunday.

They all wore bandannas over their hair to sleep in.

Aren't they CUTE????

Today, we got up and drove to University of Maryland - Cole Field House - for competition.

All the little Lancers, waiting for their turn!

On deck and practicing....Liv is a base - she's the one holding that girl up!


Those girls were PERFECT!!!!

I cried.

Sorry for the blurriness - it's hard to get good action shots - they move so fast!

After all divisions compete, they bring them all onto the floor and play dance songs while they tally the scores so the girls can blow off steam - This was a sight to see!!!

Dancing away...

And the third place award for the 8-10 division????

I was amazed at how much I got into this!! I made signs and bead shakers and I turned into one of those loud obnoxious moms.

But it was GREAT!!

I was so proud of Liv - she worked so hard, and she was PERFECT.

Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Mrs. Brightside

Let's revisit Crap Week, shall we?

Crap Week - part one

Apparently my professor feels that I'm doing well in her class and that I shouldn't worry. When I pointed out that she gave me an "F", so how could she feel that I was doing well, I got a long drawn out speech which, I believe, boils down to this:

My grade is subjective and so long as I kick ass on this last project I may come out of this just fine.

No pressure though.


Crap Week - part two

Copper futures are trading at $2.95 a pound.

I'll sell my copper pipes to the junk man in town. I'm pretty sure anyone in the junk gathering business follows the market carefully.


Problem solved.

Crap Week - part three
Yeah, there's not much I can do about this one until they're in their twenties, at which point they will be in therapy (because of their crazy mother) and sending me the bills.

That's a problem for another time.


Thursday, November 5, 2009

...And it's only Thursday......

This is quite possibly the worst week EV-ER.

Why you ask? Well, let's see, let's start with school.....

I had a group project due a few weeks ago. I knew that my group was lacking, how shall we put it, any motivation to do a good job. I did the best i could, and more work than I should have had to do for a GROUP project, and still, it sucked. Big Time. I knew this, but I also know that, in the past when a teacher has "assigned" groups, they typically give you an individual grade based on the work YOU do. Long story short, it's been an awful semester, the entire class is fed up with this teacher and to top it off, I failed my group project.

Yup. Big ole "F".

Because my grade was based on the group as a whole, and we were graded by people from the "community" who she brought in at the last minute (meaning we walked into class and there they sat, pencils and rubrics ready), who had no idea what our assignment was (because she didn't provide them with it) and who totally ripped us for not including information that we were clearly told by our teacher NOT to include.

But, I digress. Fact is, I'm screwed. I can't graduate if I get a grade less than a "B". And seeing as how I'm basically an "A" student, I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I can carry three classes, in my last semester, with "A"'s in my other classes and an overall "A" average, and suddenly not know what the hell I'm doing. It is some consolation that there are others in the class that are in the same position, but it really doesn't make me feel any better. The best part is, they cut off my school loans for next semester so I have to figure out how to pay for next semester while also trying to figure out how to pay all the school loans I have taken out up until this point, because they are all coming due. Apparently, I need a part time job. Because I have time for that.

So there you have it. Crap Week - part one.

Next we have the fact that some of the copper pipes in the house have sprung leaks and need to be replaced. The girls bathtub faucet runs constantly - when not turned on and with the water valve turned to "off" (I still haven't figured this one out), and the garage door opener is basically shot to hell and only works when it feels like it. And it never feels like working when I am trying to open it and I have missed the bus on numerous occasions because of it. The best part is, I can't even fix most of this stuff now, because we, my friends, are broke. And everyday it's something new.

And there's Crap Week - part two.

My children have all of a sudden turned into contrary, back talking, whiny little people with BIG attitudes, who feel that anything I say is wrong, I don't know what I'm talking about, and apparently speaking to me in a normal voice, and answering my questions is just too taxing for them so instead they feel that rolling eyes, flipping hair at me and walking away is the best course of action when I ask them questions like, "Where is your book bag?" or "Where is your coat?" or the horribly insensitive "How was your day?" I just figure it's best not to talk. At all.

And there's Crap Week - part three.

I'll give myself two more days before I have a compete and total breakdown. I wouldn't want to waste a perfectly good fit of hysteria when it's only Thursday and God only knows what else will happen before the end of this horribly-crappy-please-just-let-it-end week.

Hope you are all having a better week than me. Hell, it can't possibly be worse than mine, right?

Monday, November 2, 2009

Darkness and light...

Mwuah ha ha ha ha ha........

Olivia the Vampire queen.....

Who's just a little impatient with all the picture taking since it was cutting into her candy grubbing time.

"I vant to drink your bloooooood..........."

And then we have Sydney - the Tooth Fairy. Seems we have a tooth theme going here this year!

Seriously - could these girls be any more opposite if they tried????

And before you laugh too much, yes - I made the wand from poster board, glitter glue and pipe cleaner. The crown has poster board teeth hot glued to it and her "tooth bag" did as well.

What's a mom to do when her daughter wants to be the Tooth Fairy?

Have you ever seen a "Tooth Fairy" costume?


Unfortunately for my children I am the least crafty person in the world with stuff like this. This was almost as bad as the year Olivia wanted to be a rainbow.

Yes, a RAINBOW. That was an interesting one......

I have no idea how to sew - it's a major event when the kids lose a button. They have to go to my mother's to get it sewn back on.

I go to the dry cleaners. They do it for you.

But Sydney was happy with her costume and everyone knew what she was - which was my biggest fear.

I could just see her walking up to the door......

"Trick or Treat!!!"

"Um, what are you supposed to be? What are those big white things glued all over you?"

She would have been devastated.

The whole gang - Liv, Serena, Sydney, Bubba and Lucas