Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Every step you take….

So, you know how those “little” projects always turn into something more?

Yeah. Do you see a problem with this picture?


There are several.
First of all, we wanted the stairs open.

So, the wall to the left has to go.
Which means the last four treads need to be replaced, since they’d been cut to fit with the wall.


When we took out the wall, we found this.


I love construction workers.

Schlitz beer bottle, Circa 1977. My Pop-Pop drank Schlitz.

Then again, didn’t everyone’s Pop-pop drink Schlitz???


The right side of the stairs had a bull nose.

I took pictures of it because I thought it was so. freaking. cool the way they shaped the wood.

Yes, I’m a geek.

Brian thought I was nuts as I jumped around yelling – Check that out! How FREAKING cool is that?


Unfortunately, it has to go.

We didn’t want to bull nose both sides of the stairs and since the whole idea is to make it open and symmetrical, this will be coming out.

At this point, we’re in the drywall, tape, mud, strip wall paper phase.

Read – “not fun”.

We did however, get the new treads and risers, new newel posts, and have agreed on the look we want for the stairs.

That’s half the battle my friends.


Until then, we have to live with this.


And this.


This wallpaper is a bitch to get off.

And I even have a wallpaper steamer, that Judi and Ted left for us (Thank you Judi! & Ted!)

I grabbed six of these beauties from some houses we tore down for work. I’m going to get them dipped and will be using them somewhere – I’m not sure where yet.


Here’s how it looks now….



But enough of of our slow….movement……on…….the…….stairs…….

Behold, the trees in my driveway the other night.


We got about 10 inches of very wet, very heavy snow.


It was breathtaking.


Until we woke up the next morning and assessed the damage. We lost a few trees and the neighbors tree fell on our fence and broke it.

Nothing major – it can all be fixed and/and or replaced.

I have finally finished the lake house table and we are using is again. I actually even found out some of the history – not only of the table but the lake house itself. Once I get some good light to take pictures I’ll fill you all in.

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Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Wow! The trees look so pretty. The stairs are going to look amazing when they are done, but the process is always so painful. IT will be worth it!