Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend - FINALLY

Brian and I spent another wonderful weekend with these two fabulous people….. 




As always, we were spoiled :) 



Judi and I did a lot of talking and a little bit of shopping.  The great thing about spending the weekend there is that there are no expectations.  It’s just a relaxing time, with two wonderful people. And we love being with them.



They surprised me Friday night with dinner at a fabulous restaurant – where we had a private room – with delicious wine, champagne, a cake (for my birthday) and the most beautiful watch I’ve ever seen (for graduation). 

All throughout my education – both undergraduate and graduate – Judi and Ted have been my sounding boards, my cheerleaders and always provided me with encouragement when I felt overwhelmed.


Is it any wonder that I love these two people?


Brian and Ted played A LOT of golf, which Brian rarely gets to do given his schedule and which he loves – so much.  We’re blessed that we have them in our lives and can only hope that they know how much we love and appreciate all they do for us. 


Just because you aren’t blood related doesn’t mean you can’t be a family.

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