Monday, January 17, 2011

A little filler…..

While I wait until I have some good light for pictures, I thought I’d tell you what we’ve been up to and give you a little look at the room where the magic happens…

Dude – I’m talking about the workshop.

It’s actually our basement and serves many purposes. Let’s take a look, shall we?

OK then.

First up, we have Brian’s “golf” section, where he uses his new clubs on a nightly basis to practice his putting.


This section also serves as our workout section, where we get PUMPED. UP.


Well, it’s where we do our P90X (hence the TV).


(Ask me how many times I’ve run into that pole while working out)

Storage shelves which are used for, well, storage.


What, doesn’t everyone have a stack of nearly 20 chairs in their basement, which also serve a storage place for laundry detergent and toilet paper?


And no, I have no idea how I managed to collect so many chairs.

Oh look! There’s my old cedar chest! I wondered what happened to that…..


All kinds of treasures can be found down here….


What’s that, you ask?


That’s my Grams very old love seat.

It’s currently being used as a holder for all of the outdoor cushions and extra blankets until such time as I get the sitting room complete and have the time to refinish and recover it.

Dear God, I have a lot of crap.

To prove that point, here are the leaves to the lake house table.

All SIX of them. All hand made.


And no, I won’t be refinishing them. That’s what tablecloths are for.

And next to the storage shelves and in front of the 250 table leaves, are two 15 pane wooden doors I salvaged from my office when we tore it down. The building dated back to the 1920’s and the doors were original.


I know what I’m using them for, we just aren’t ready for them yet.
So, they’ll sit down here until it’s time. *sigh*

Here’s best part – Paint and Power Tools – Yee Haw!!!


Looking from the other side of the room…..


And what would a shop be without an old stereo (circa 1988), a toy Camaro and a little something to keep you from getting parched?


We had a busy weekend and I’m home with the girls tomorrow and Tuesday (woo hoo!) so I’ll give you a little peek at what we’ve been up to soon.

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