Monday, February 28, 2011

Dear Mr. Carpet Installer

Dear Mr. Carpet Installer:

I must commend you on the installation of the carpet on the stairs in our house. When we first decided to open up the stairs, I was convinced that, although it would be a pain to remove the carpet, it could be done in a day. I truly had no idea how determined you were that carpet would remain on the stairs indefinitely.

I watched the carpet being installed at our former house and let me tell you, I think they did me a disservice! I mean, they only used staples on the edges of the stairs to hold the carpet down. If I had known then that they first should have stapled the heck out of the padding, being generous with the staples and using them over the entirety of the stairs – even doubling up at points – and THEN staple the carpet down on top of that – again using hundreds of staples per stair – I would have made them remove it and start over. I have no idea how that carpet didn’t fall off. We must have gotten lucky. Lesson learned.

And the quality of staples you used? Bravo, Mr. Carpetman, Bravo. I even saw where you started using one type of staple, which was fairly easily removed from the stairs so it must have been too flimsy, and then moved on to the heavy duty staples, which were often stapled one on top of the other. I can tell you, they were enormous – and mighty strong. And the ones that were doubled up? It took three times the effort to remove those. Mission accomplished my man!

In conclusion, the outstanding job you did is evidenced not only in the sore, bruised hands of my husband and I, (along with the sore spot on my forehead where a very stubborn staple finally acquiesced after I got on my feet and pulled on the pliers with both hands, causing the pliers to come back and smack me in the head), but also in the two days it took us to finally remove the last staple, and the plethora of very large staple holes and black marks on all parts of the stairs. It took us an entire tube of wood filler to cover those bad boys up, so you KNOW those staples were ginormous. Awesome!

We are looking forward to the carpet removal in the dining room and sitting room! We can’t wait to see what you have in store for us there.


Brian and Deb Henry


Hartwood Roses said...

Deb, darling, you poor thing! It's really challenging to remove regular staples without creating craters in the process ... I can't imagine going through what you described here. You deserve a medal!

Becolorful said...

Hehe. Funny post. I actually am behind on my blog reading so I've been looking at your last three or four posts. You are right where we were when we moved into this house. James was around ten and Adam was six. You guys are really going to town there. It is looking great. Scary to some but we have lived in sawdust for so many years that it is like second nature to us. You and your family are in for the ride of your life. Enjoy it is just so much fun.