Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday always falls near the annual 4th of July party my parents throw.

 This year was no exception - ha!

Fortunately for me, my two lovely daughters decided to turn it into a surprise birthday party for me!

Unfortunately, Brian's Uncle passed away and the funeral turned out to be the day of the party, so not only did they have to tell me about it,  we had to cancel it.

My poor girls were just devastated  (lots of tears), but I was so touched that they would do that for me - it made ME cry (*sniff, sniff*)

BUT - we celebrated together on my actual birthday.

I came home from work to discover that the girls had decorated the kitchen and this is what I saw as I came up the stairs from the garage after work....

Two singing girls....
They used the big pots to hold the streamers because they ran out of tape
They set up my computer to play "Happy Birthday" 
My decorations and homemade card - my favorite kind :)
My little goofball

It's tradition at the Henry House that the birthday girl or boy gets to choose whatever they want to eat on their actual birthday.

I chose Lobster (because - amazingly -  it was much cheaper than the steak I was thinking about) and we brought home live lobsters and cooked them.

It was the girls first time seeing a lobster cooked and they were a bit freaked out - and I get it.

Putting a live lobster into a pot of steam and killing it so you can eat it?  

Kind of gross.

But they completely got over it when I gave them each their own dish of melted butter for their lobsters.

Liv with her lobster

We also had mussels with wine, garlic, butter and  green onions - my absolute favorite

She actually apologized to her lobster for what she was about to do..

I'm ready!  Let's crack him open!

What could be better than a fresh lobster and nice cold beer on your birthday?

He's kissing his lobster.  No, I don't know why. 

Nom Nom Nom!

So that was my birthday this year.

Streamers, homemade cards and fresh lobster, at home with my three favorite people. 

Best.  Birthday.  Ever. 

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