Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Oh Sandy.....

Well, we made it.   

Sandy stopped by, overstayed her welcome (I mean she JUST WOULDN'T LEAVE) and left quite a mess.

We came through OK and lost a shutter, a few tree limbs, and lots of sleep, but we - and our home - are OK.

I don't think I could ever live somewhere that storms such as this are a regular occurrence. 

The winds whipping through those trees at 2:00 in the morning frankly scared the shit out of me. 

I hadn't left the house since Saturday and the kids and I have a major case of cabin fever and are totally on on each others nerves.  Tempers are running high and patience is running short.   Dad and I finally got out today and drove around to check out the damage.  

Here are a few pictures of some local flooding.  We live close to a river and although we are at a much higher elevation which means we are safe from the actual house being flooded, we pretty much have to cross the river and feeder streams (all of which are over their banks) to get anywhere.  

The bridge to my house. You can't see it but there are sport fields near the third concrete support...

The entrance to the sports fields is now a boat ramp. 

Same place.  The parking lot, running trails and soccer fields are under there ...somewhere...

You normally cant even see the river from this spot. The river banks are on the OPPOSITE side of that tree line.  Usually. 

These were taken at around noon today, and the river is supposed to crest tomorrow so I can't imagine what that will be like.

I hope all of you that were in the storm's path made it through OK!

I'm thinking about all my family and friends from New York and New Jersey up through New England.  They got hit so hard...


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