Thursday, March 21, 2013

It's not that I don't have anything interesting to say...'s that I don't have anything interesting  to say right now

We're working on some things - the girls rooms in particular  - and I hope to have some pictures up soon.

As soon as I get motivated to, you know, finish something.

Things are plugging along just fine here. 

The girls are busy with school and the plethora of activities they are involved in.

I still go to Boot Camp three to four mornings a week (at 5:30 am - YAWN - which should help explain my lack of blogging in the evenings)

Oh, and in between all of that I'm trying to train like a mo' fo' for this:

But first, Brian and I have to get through this:

*Note to self - After a Friday night of drinking, do not answer midnight texts from very big, very fit, very tough cop friends that say "Hey - let's do the Tough Mudder -  I'll throw you over the obstacles - no worries! It'll be FUN!" and then convince your husband to do it also.  

It only leads to registration and whole lotta panic the next morning.

Last night Brian realized  the race was a 10+ miler, not a 5K. He stomped around and cursed me under his breath for a good half hour.  

I'm curious to see his reaction when he finds out about the obstacles.  

I'm sure I already warned him.  



Anyway, so that's what's happening around here.  

Paint. Sweat. Tears. 

Not necessarily in that order. 

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