Monday, November 4, 2013

Catching up...

Oh how I wish I had something exciting and wonderful to write about but, sadly, I don't.  Such is the life of a mom with two crazy busy kids.  Her's just a little snippet of what's happenin' around these parts lately...

Halloween came and went.  For the first time in 13 years, Olivia wasn't trick-or-treating with us - she chose to go to a completely different neighborhood with a group of friends and break our tradition.  I tried not to cry.  I was unsuccessful.  (Yes, I'm THAT mom).  Luckily, I still have a few more years with Sydney and she actually seems to enjoy being with us, so there's that.

Olivia is gearing up for Cheer competition - her last one with the local athletic association since she'll be in High School next year (WHAT?!!)  so we are in "practice 2 1/2 -plus hours every day of the week for the next 14 days while  managing to go to school, do homework, and still cheer at games an hour and a half away since the team made play offs this year " mode.  It's crazytown around here and she'll be beyond exhausted next week when competition is over (and will immediately get sick - she does every year).  I'm sad it's her last year cheering and competing  since she says she doesn't want to in high school.  I'll probably cry. (See?   I really am THAT mom!)

Sydney is flipping and tumbling and gymnastic-ing all over the place and really enjoying it.  She seems to have found her thing in gymnastics, and I'm happy for her.   I went to her Halloween party and realized that it was the last Elementary School Halloween party I would probably ever attend since she starts Middle School next year.  Do I really have to tell you how that makes me feel?  (See above).

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving - I'm hosting this year since mom did last year (this means that she gets Christmas this year though - ha!).  We are having a HUGE  crowd so I'm already mentally preparing for it.  At least 12 of us are running the local Turkey Trot that morning, which will hopefully become a new tradition.  The girls are running it with us - although Olivia is NOT happy about it and will probably walk it with her friends.  I don't care as long as she's moving.  She doesn't enjoy running (my God that girl is exactly like me at that age) although Sydney really likes it and has been out running with me a few times so she's looking forward to it.

As for me, I've been running a few early mornings a week with the neighbor  - there's something so perfect about getting up before the sun and running a few miles.  I still can't believe that I enjoy running.  I'm thinking about a half marathon next year but the idea of running 13.1 miles just seems so ridiculous.  And HARD.  I'm a 3-4 mile kinda girl.  I enjoy that distance right now and I'm just trying to run more often rather than longer distances.   Brian and I joined the local gym and are enjoying our time there too - when we get to go, which will hopefully be easier once cheer season winds down.

So that's it around here - my babies are growing up, time is flying by, the holidays are coming and I'm trying to get some projects done for the house.  Anything exciting happening with anyone else out there??

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Pamela Rosenberg said...

Hey Deb,
Loved reading about your busy family life. This takes me back about ten years. :D I miss it but love this stage too.

I will take pics of the bedroom ceiling and I hope to recreate it but a bit differently in the dining room too. Now, I haven't broken that bit of info to Mike yet but I hope that after a couple of cocktails I can entice him to agree. :D I can hardly believe I want to add one more to do to the project list since I am so eager to get all of these tradesmen out of my house but I also realize that if I don't do it now it won't get done.

Have a terrific Thanksgiving