Monday, March 24, 2008

Just a quick update.....


Sorry - I have been studying, the girls have been on spring break so I have been trying to shuffle them amongst family and generally I've just been stressed out.

Here's the latest:

Didn't get a great grade on my exam - you know, the one where I boneheadedly forgot to answer a question? Yeah , that one. But it wasn't as bad as it could have been, so I'll just have to work harder.

Got my exam for the other class I'm taking back tonight and lo and behold - I got an A!! That's more like it! And it was all discounted cash flows, valuation, rollover of leases....I mean, I would rather have been stabbed in the eye with an icepick than admit that I like this class, but- I realized that all that financial garbage and spreadsheets, is actually kind of FUN!

Easter update - some FUNNY stories about the girls to come, but I need to get my very tired behind into bed, so just a few pictures for gotta love the fake smiles - I can't get them to smile normally for anything!


Mrs.C said...

Even fake smiles are much appreciated. Looks like you guys had nice weather for Easter too.

CONGRATS on your "A"!!!!!!!! Rah, Rah, Rah, Go Debbie, go debbie, go, go, go Debbie, it's your birthday. I knew you could do it!

Hope all is well. . . I think I'll call you tonight.


Brandon said...

What adorable pictures! They look straight out of Wonderland. :P Love you, sweetie!