Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thanksgiving 2009

I hope everyone had a fabulous Thanksgiving....

We did. It was my turn to host and we had such a great time. My Parents (on the left), my mom's Cousin Ruthie and her hubby Ken (on the right), Aunt Mil (behind Ken) Brian's parents, my brother and his girlfriend Misou and the four of us all sat down to eat some amazing food and enjoy each other's company.

Aunt Mil, Ruthie and Ken

Brandon and the adorable Misou...

My father-in-law, Pop-Pop. (Can you tell that the kids had the camera?)

My Dad, Poppy.

Apparently the grandfathers were not too happy about getting their pictures taken.

I can't imagine why. And it didn't stop the girls from snapping away!

I bought 12 of these little turkey guys to use as place markers. I had this bright idea to let the girls put them together and put one at each seat with a name card.

After 3 hours, lots of glue, several fingers fused together (mine) and only 4 completed, I made the executive decision that we were no longer using them as place card holders.

They were now simply "decorative accents" to be placed on the table strategically.

At four a year, I should have them all completed just in time for Thanksgiving 2011.

Up to my eye balls in school work - only 8 days left!

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