Monday, June 14, 2010


A few weeks ago Liv and I went to the local Habitat Re-Store to see if we could find anything good to bring home and play with.

I was looking for an old chandelier –I had seen one used outside with candles and thought it was a VERY cool idea. I figured my best bet for finding one would be the Re-Store.

I wasn’t disappointed. They had more than 30 builder grade brass chandeliers. I picked up the one below for $12.


When I brought it to the counter, the gentleman at the register and I had a conversation.

(him) “I think you need two of these”

(me) “Um, no that’s OK – one is fine”

(him) “Really. You should get another one. I think you need two”

(me) “Huh. Well, since you have so many back there, I’ll be happy to take another off your hands. So long as you give them BOTH to me for the price of one”

(him) “Deal”

Yup. It was that easy. They had so many I think he was just ready to unload some of them!! So I picked up two for $12 - SCORE!

Liv and I brought them home and washed them down.


I tore them apart and pulled out most of the electrical wiring inside.


We sanded (just a tad) and primed them.

They look like one of those rides in an amusement park or something….


Or something out of Star Wars….

082 086

Then we painted them black.



093 096

I hung it up under the canopy by the wicker set, put in some viotive candles and we enjoyed some nice candleight the other evening.

But they kept going out (it was windy) so I found some fake"Candles" and will use those instead from now on.

It was hard to get a picture - since, you know, it's DARK when the candles are lit, but this should give you an idea....

And just because I thought this picture was cool....


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

Wow my restore folks never give me freebies! I'm sure those look amazing all lit up, even though the pics are hard to see.

Deb said...

I know - I need to take another picture :) In all fairness, my 10 year old took these! LOL!