Sunday, August 1, 2010

New kitchen lights!

Several years ago a friend of mine gave me three pendant lights, which used to hang in her kitchen.  They weren’t really her style and so she replaced them.  They matched my light fixture in the kitchen perfectly, so when she offered to give them to me – I jumped on it!!



We had a fluorescent light over the sink – which was convenient, since it gave off a lot of light and stayed on pretty much all the time.  But I’m not really a fan of fluorescent lighting and wanted something warmer….



I had been TRYING to get Brian to hang the pendant lights for, oh, about TWO YEARS

He decided to do it last weekend. 

Of course, he started about 2 hours before we were expecting guests for a little last minute get together (of course) and AFTER I had just cleaned the kitchen from top to bottom (naturally).




But honestly?  I didn’t care. 


At least not once I saw them when they were up and installed.

Kitchen Light2

And they couldn’t coordinate with the other light in the kitchen any better.


A nice warm glow in my kitchen and one more project done!!

My friend recently gave me some matching wall sconces. 

Wanna take bets on when they get installed??