Monday, November 28, 2011

You know it's Christmas when....

The TREES arrive!!!!

Once again, the girls anxiously awaited their trees from Gamma & Mister (aka, Judi & Ted) and as usual, they were beautiful.

These trees mark the official start of the holiday season for the girls, as they have been getting these trees pretty much since birth from Judi & Ted. 

Every year, I say..

"What's on the front porch?"

The girls look out the window and yell - "It's the trees!!  From Gamma and Mister!!!"  

They recognize the boxes :)

And then begins the annual...

 "I wonder what mine looks like?"

"Do you think we'll have white lights or colored lights this year?"

"Remember last years tree and the pretty ribbon/ornaments/lights it had?" 

(They have surprisingly amazing memories - they can tell you almost exactly what all of their trees have looked like since - pretty much - the first time they remember getting the trees.  Ah - youth.)

 My memory is not that good.

Then again, I'm old. 

Moving on...

Olivia's Tree

Sydney's Tree

 Every year, the girls get to choose where they put their trees.

This year they chose to each put a tree in one of the bay windows....

See them in the windows???

Now can you see them???

They look so pretty - and this way everyone gets to enjoy them. 

I wish I could show you all of our beautiful Christmas decorations, but - well - you're pretty much looking at them.

And the only reason the outside lights are up?

I took Sydney to dance class and Brian was bored.

And he figured if he put up the lights while I was gone, it would be soooo  much easier for him.

Not that I would tell him what to do or where to put the lights or anything...

I had four days off and while I did actually get the tree up and the lights on - it's a hot mess.

And I can't find the angel for the top.

And I was so NOT motivated to do any other decorating, even though  - did I mention? - I had FOUR DAYS OFF and all the time in world to decorate the house.

Oh, I pulled all the decorations out.  

They're just still sitting in the same spots.  In boxes.  Untouched.

In my defense, I did cook for 13 people on Thanksgiving Day.

And I did have to take Friday to recover from all the wine  hard work.

Saturday, I......can't remember what I did on Saturday.

Seriously - what the hell did I do on Saturday???

And Sunday we we HAD to go see the Muppet movie. (LOVED IT) 

Ooooh!  And my brother came home from Vietnam so we had to have dinner with him.

So really, I was far too busy to decorate.

I promise I'll get to it this weekend.

I hope to anyway.

And hope springs eternal. 


andrea frazer said...

That is seriously the best Christmas tradition ever. Please adopt me.

Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

The trees are so cute! What a great idea.