Thursday, March 8, 2012

That's OK - I'll take the elevator.

Going to my third Boot Camp class tonight - AND I ran a few mornings too. 


  I KNOW right? 

Each time is less painful than the last.  Thank God.

But I still avoid stairs.  At. All. Costs. 

In other news, we have gone two straight days without anyone home sick!  Brian got the stomach flu on Tuesday so he was down for the count that day.  But yesterday was pretty much the first time in two weeks that everyone was fairly healthy and back in school/work.  It was a bad 2 weeks at the Henrys, fo' shizzle. 

I have tons planned for this weekend - projects I need to get done around the house, etc. - so its a fair bet I'll accomplish nothing but laze around, maybe go see baby Nicholas (and his parents, of course), do some more reading (third book of Game of Thrones - this series is killing me but I just. can't. stop. reading.) and get in a nice long outdoor afternoon at the park with the girls.

Sounds perfect to me! 

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