Sunday, March 4, 2012

February 25th to March 3rd

It's been a full week...

February 25th:  Beth comes into town!!  We go out to dinner and then head to a friends house for a girls night get together.  I had so much fun and I hadn't seen Beth since the Benefit Concert (for my other friend Beth  -don't get confused) and let's face it, I saw NOTHING that day if the truth be told - ha!  It was such a great night.

February 26th a.m.:  Beth leaves. Boo - it was a short trip, but seriously - chicky drove three and half hours each way to hang out with me for less than 24 hours.  She totally rocks. Love that girl!

February 26th afternoon:  Brandon and I make a late lunch/early dinner to celebrate my mama's birthday with the family at my house.  Good times are had by all.  Sydney complains of a sore throat so I give her some Tylenol and she tells me she's fine.

February 26th evening:  I notice that Olivia's jaw/under her jaw are a bit swollen and she complains that her braces have worn a sore in her mouth which she thinks might be causing it.  She's uncomfortable and - having heard from two people about their recent hospitalizations with MERSA - I figure I'm not taking any chances and Brian and I decide that she's going to the doctor in the morning.

February 26th/February 27th, middle of the night:  Sydney throws up.

February 27th:  Brian stays home with the kids and takes them to the doctor.  Sydney has strep.  Olivia does not, but her glands are swollen.  Both are put on antibiotics.

February 28th:  Brian stays home again with Sydney but Liv feels great and the doctor says she can go back to school.

February 29th:  Sydney's still not 100% so she stays with my mom.  Brian and I are in bed by 7:00 because we are both getting colds.

March 1st:  EVERYONE IS BACK AT SCHOOL/WORK!!!  I feel like crap, but since it's been so warm and I'm not running a fever I can't decide if its allergies or an actual cold.  Brian is fine by now.

March 2nd:  Sharon and Justin welcome their son into the world and I want to go see him!!! But I can't be around that sweet baby boy if I'm sick, so I go to the doctor. She sees that the girls were in earlier in the week so she orders a strep test for me.   I tell her Syd was positive for strep, but that Olivia was negative and that neither of us have ever had strep.  She bets me that I have strep.  I bet her that I don't.  I win!  But she tells me it's a cold and that I can't go near baby Nicholas for at least 24 hours by which time she thinks it'll be just about gone.  Dammit. Olivia leaves for a church retreat in Virginia with her friends' youth group.  She's excited, but very apprehensive about going since she and her friend are the youngest kids, it's not close to home, and she doesn't know all of the others very well.  Her friend's mom (who's chaperoning) assures me that she will keep an extra close eye on her for me.  Olivia texts me no less than 10 times in the hour after she leaves to tell me how much she loves me and misses me.

March 2nd, late night:  Virginia gets some wicked bad storms and I can't sleep for worrying about how Liv is doing.  She hates thunder storms and she's homesick and in a strange place and has no cell service.

March 3rd, a.m.:  I get up and haul my butt to my first fitness boot camp.  Holy kick my ass Batman!  I know I'm not going to be able to walk the next day but decide I like it.

March 3rd, evening:  With Sydney at a friends house and Olivia away at church camp, Brian and I find ourselves with a free evening!  We go to the hospital to get our baby fix and then go to dinner.

March 4th, early a.m.:  Olivia starts throwing up and they decide to leave camp early to get her home.  We get the call at about 8:00 am that she's sick and  they are on their way home.  Liv has been sick five or six times by this point but they tell me she never complained, wanted to make sure no one else was sick and didn't want everyone else to have to leave early because of her (they didn't). She's such a trooper - that girl NEVER complains and never has when she's sick.  It's a blessing and a curse - a blessing because she handles it so well, but a curse because from the time she was a little girl I never knew how sick she really was until she was really sick.   Liv comes home, climbs on the couch and promptly falls asleep.  Oh, and I can't walk. Holy pain in every muscle I have Batman.

March 4th, afternoon:  Brian and I go to Home Depot and get a shelving unit for the laundry room and I spend the next 5 hours rearranging, cleaning and hanging shelves in the laundry room all while avoiding any and all reasons to go up or down any stairs because, well, it just hurts.

March 4th, evening:  I'm sitting down, knowing it's going to hurt like hell to get up and go to bed. I'll be home tomorrow with Liv.  But Boot camp #2 is tomorrow night (lordhelpme).


tearinguphouses said...

holy cow, that's a full week. good for you on the boot camp, though!!!

Deb said...

Thanks Kelly but when does it not hurt anymore? ;)

Kim @ NewlyWoodwards said...

Holy moley! That's a crazy lot in the matter of a few days. Glad you made it out alive. I'm exhausted just reading this.