Thursday, April 26, 2012

What's happening????

 So....what's happening over at Casa de Henry?

My baby got some new glasses - bifocals (yes - she's NINE - she got my eyes *sigh*)

But look how cute my girl is!! 

Amazingly, she's very excited about it and picked out her frames herself .  

Unamazingly, insurance covered ZERO. 


And then we have Chauncey.

Little Man has been having some issues going up and down these....

Possibly because his nails are so long that he slips and slides and has actually tumbled down a few times.
(and yes, we get his nails trimmed - unfortunately, his nails are black.  And long.  Which anyone with a dog knows can only lead to bloody nails when being trimmed)

Anyway, the dogs nails have really done a job on the stairs.  Brian and I had contemplated covering them with a runner but we can't find anything we like that won't cost a bazillion dollars.

And I LOVE the look of the bare stairs. 

But I love my Chauncey more, so after  x-rays, medicine and several hundred dollars at the vet it was determined that he was injuring his shoulder and "wrist" on the stairs by slipping and trying to catch himself. 

The diagnosis was to be confined to to the kitchen for two weeks, take medicine three times a day, no stairs for at least two weeks and when he could go up and down the stairs - they had to be covered. 

I needed a quick fix, so I purchased some carpet treads from Solutions and put them on the other night.

I had several criteria:

1.  No permanent installation. No nails, no glue.  I spoke with several people who have these and read all the reviews on this type of tread and Solutions appeared to be the best rated and were the most cost effective.  They simply lay on the stairs (with a rubber backing) and are "slip free".
 So far, so good.  
We'll see. 

2.  I did NOT want to see them.  I wanted them to be subtle - I certainly didn't want to call attention to them.

3. They needed to be inexpensive. After the vet bills and new glasses I was totally broke. So, yeah - "Cheap please!"

I ordered the chocolate brown.  

They blend in pretty well with the dark treads. 

You can't really see them at first, right?

Who am I kidding.
 Just humor and tell me you NEVER would have noticed them if I hadn't pointed them out.

Thank you.  


Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I really couldn't notice them! I have a feeling I will have to get something like this for our stairs when baby starts running around. UGH

Hartwood Roses said...

I feel your pain about black nails. Work them back a sliver at a time every few days to encourage the quick to recede. It's a pain, but it works. Been there.

Do the stair treads REALLY work with the dog going up and down? If not, pick a colorful runner you don't hate, and go with it. Stapled it down unobtrusively under the tread and in the back corner to secure it. It'll be fine ... I promise.

When our Emma developed a bad back, we started taking her to a veterinary acupuncturist. I was skeptical, but I was wrong. Emma improved almost immediately and lived the rest of her almost-two-years with us relatively pain free.

I like the new glasses!

Deb said...

The ultimate goal is to eventually put down a runner - we just can't really find anything that we both agree on and that isn't crazy expensive and I needed a "quick fix". The treads - amazingly enough - do not move much. I may have scoot one over a half an inch to so every few days but other than that they've actually been pretty good. As a temporary solution they work fine - for the long term though we definitely will put something more permanent down.

DTTD said...

The carpet treads really aren't that noticeable, honest! I'm sure Chauncey will appreciate you making it easier for him to go up & down the stairs now :-) If you decide to go with something more permanent, you would get a carpet remnant cut down to the right size instead of looking specifically for a runner. Gives you more options, and might be cheaper.

Your daughter looks very pretty in her new glasses :-)