Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Escape from reality....

I have always been a huge reader.  Even at a very early age I was reading novels.  Unfortunately, neither of girls has the reading bug like I do, but maybe it'll come.  Olivia got a Kindle Touch for her birthday and Sydney now wants one - and anything that will encourage my children to read is a no brainer in my book.

I'm a VERY fast reader and can go through a book every two days - and if the book is good, I'll read for  hours at a time.  This makes it difficult to get up in the morning sometimes since I have (on many a night) found myself glancing at the clock, only to realize that 4 hours have gone by since I got in bed and it's 2am and I am nowhere near ready to put the book down.  I love the escapism of books and it's my number one form of relaxation. I usually can't fall asleep unless I read first.  I think it's because I can fall asleep thinking about the characters and story line rather than all the worrisome crap that would otherwise run through my head.

Anyway, that being said, I have ripped through some serious books since Christmas. 

The Paris Wife 
 - Awesome book written in the point of view of Hemingways' first wife Hadley about their years in Paris as a very young married couple.    I highly suggest it.  Hemingway's book about the same general time period, "A Movable Feast",  is also on my reading list.  I can't wait to compare the two.

The Hunger Games trilogy
- As a huge fan of series books in general (Hello -  Harry Potter!), I really enjoyed the books.  They were a nice, quick read and very entertaining.  Olivia has started on them now so I'm curious to hear her take.  I was a bit worried about the violence in them but she's 12 now and can definitely handle it.  Plus she wants to go see the movie and I won't let her until she's read the book.  And yes, I will be quizzing her to make certain she actually read it.

Game of Thrones series
- OK- these are some books you can sink your teeth into. The easiest way for me to describe them is a cross between Lord of the Rings and King Arthur.  But they are such a tough read.  There are so many characters, so many elements to the story, so many shocking turns and twists (do not get attached to ANYONE in the story or you will be really pissed off at several points in the story - ask me how I know this) that I found I couldn't read them quickly, as is typical of me.  I really needed a map and a character list. The books are most definitely confusing and aren't something you can skim through - you have to pay attention or you'll be completely lost.    But, I was completely hooked and now want to watch the show (No, we don't have HBO so I picked up this series knowing nothing about it).  And, I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the series.

Shades of Grey series
 - Hubba hubba.  This was a really quick read too and highly entertaining.
Do not read this if your husband is out of town.  Or if you are in public. Or if you are pressed for time.  Trust me on this one.  Seriously though - it's definitely erotic but the relationship between the two lead characters was very interesting and I enjoyed watching it evolve.  Of course, the series also pointed out that my husband is not a God-like billionaire with a protective side and Viagra drip, which kinda pisses me off.  But, whatever.  I love him anyway. :)

So all that being said, I NEED MORE BOOKS!  

I'll read just about anything.  

Except directions. 

Or manuals.  

Or anything sports related.

Any suggestions??

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Sara @ Russet Street Reno said...

I like the Christopher Moore books, reading them now. Funny fantasy, monsters, vampires, etc.