Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh My!

Well, I am quite possibly the worst blogger out there!! There you sit, wondering what has become of me and here I sit, thinking "Hm....when was my last post?"

And holy crap! I totally left you hanging about the colors of the family room. I am truly sorry from the bottom of my heart. Of course, I feel as if am talking to myself, since, quite frankly, I only know a handful of people who actually READ this, but still.....

To be fair, I was waiting to get some good pictures of the new paint, and the room. But that would mean I would actually have to CLEAN the family room and well, I simply can't find enough time. And, we are trying to find a piece of furniture on which to place the rather monstrous television, so I'd like to have the room looking as I want it before I share with the world.

This past week has - as usual - been hectic. Wednesday night I had class - I'm really not feeling it this semester. I'm stressed about my Investments class, but can't get motivated to start on my project. My construction class is, well, a bit like Bob the Builder.

"And this power point slide is a BULLDOZER. Bulldozers are YELLOW. They PUSH things."

Get.....the hell.......OUT!!





Well. I'm just flabbergasted. I never would have guessed.

(OK, it's not quite that bad. But still....)

Thursday afternoon the new Dean granted us a meeting, which went VERY well considering we were there to tell him how much we thought the program sucked and how he needed to do something to raise the bar to meet our expectations (see Bob the Builder lecture above). He was very receptive and I was pretty pleased when I left.

Unfortunately on the way home I got a call from my best girl Meg about a lovely lady I'd know for years (who happened to be a relative of sorts to Meg) and was told that her cancer had progressed quickly and there wasn't much time left. I went straight from Baltimore to see her. I was lucky enough to sit with her a bit, hold her hand, give her a kiss and tell her goodbye. She died soon after I left. She was such a wonderful person and she will be missed by so many people.

This got me thinking.....why is it that you never know how loved you are until it's too late? Why can't we tell people how much they mean to us when they are still here, healthy and aware enough to understand what we are saying? I have decided that I won't let that happen to my friends and family. I'll tell them how much I love them. I'll tell them how much they mean to me. I'll tell them how they've touched my life and how the world is better - my life is better - because they are in it.

Oh. And I'm trying to quit smoking. And by "quitting" I mean, rather than the disgusting amount I smoke now, I'm trying to wean myself (a drastic weaning, but still...) Don't get all excited - I'm failing miserably. Eh - what the hell. I'll give it a try.

And you thought I was bitchy before - HA! Those nicotine withdrawals are kicking in. You ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!

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Karin said...

oh I'm so glad soemone out there is a lazy blogger like me. my poor sisiter in law has to share a site with me and she rocks. Good luck on your quitting smoking adventure, atleast you have an excuse to be bitchy. I have been very crabbly lately. We'll get our act together!