Sunday, March 22, 2009

What a week!

Olivia had her standardized testing all this week for third grade. She was sooooo stressed about it, the poor thing. It's so sad that, at 8 and 9 years old, they have that much pressure on them. Added to that she came down with pink eye on Tuesday.

OK - here's where I'm going to piss some people off....

She woke up Tuesday morning and her right eye was glassy and red. I figured she might have pink eye and as I debated with myself out loud about what to do, she began to get hysterical about having to miss her testing, thinking she was going to fail. After I assured her that wasn't case, I made the decision to send her to school until 11;30 - so she could at least finish her her test before I pulled her out. Add to this the fact that I had to FIND someone to get her from the school, and then get her to Brian's work so he could take her to the doctor, and then get her back to mom's afterwards, and I was not in a good mood by about 7:30 a.m.

Why didn't I just take the day off you ask? Good question. I had a long standing doctor appointment the next day that I knew would take all morning, thereby causing me to miss work. I also knew that I couldn't send Liv to school on Wednesday once they realized she had pink eye, so I'd miss work completely. I figured I'd take my chances and hope that I didn't have to miss two days in a row. Brian had a crazy week and was shorthanded, so he couldn't miss a day of work either. And we realized there was about a 90% chance that Sydney would get pink eye within the next few days, so we'd have to take time off again.
I put her on the bus, and raced to work, calling the doctor on the way and making an afternoon appointment.

I got a call from the school nurse at about 9:30 a.m. - Come get her, NOW - and don't bring her back until she's been on antibiotics 24 hours.

So, she missed her testing anyway, and the entire office staff will most certainly be giving me the stink eye next time they see me. "There's the mother who sent her daughter to school knowing she had pink eye. Disgraceful!"

Yup, Mother of the Year, right here. Just waitin' for my award to be delivered.

After much scrambling, my friend picked her up at school since I'm a good 45 minutes away , and then delivered her to Brian at the doctor's office a few hours later.

By evening, it was in both eyes...

Poor Baby!!

And then we have Sydney, whose front tooth has been loose


She just wouldn't let us near it or pull it out herself. My friends' daughter Emma (who's like another child of my own) was here over the weekend.

Emma clearly thought it was ridiculous that the tooth was still hanging on, so she reached into Sydney's mouth .......

....and pulled the tooth right out.

I was so stunned I didn't quite know what to say.

Maybe Emma's going to be a dentist?

After the tooth extraction, we took some pictures to distract Sydney....

I think I'm in love with this picture. Sydney took it....

Sweet Dreams...

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