Friday, June 5, 2009

Can I blame it on Queen Elizabeth I?

Well, holy crap.

It's been a while since my last post! Uh....Sorry?

It's Queen Elizabeth's fault.

OK, it's not - obviously.

The woman's been dead for 500 years.

I've been studying, studying, studying!!! It's not going well. Sigh.

But, Queen Elizabeth has been a distraction......

Olivia had a big presentation at school. They had to read a biography about a character and then present an oral book report - in character.

Which, of course, means a costume.

Um. I don't sew.

But thank God my mom does!!

Although Olivia had read her book and prepared her presentation weeks before it was due, we still needed a costume! So, I bought some cheap ass material and a crown, and we raided Mimi's costume jewelry.

Of course, I forgot about the whole thing (I pick up my mother of the year award next week, in case you were wondering), so at the last minute, we ran down to Mimi's and she frantically sewed something up.

Recognize the top? It's Liv's ballerina tutu from her recital. The tutu was perfect to drape the material over.....

Mimi sewed through her finger.

Yes. You read that right.

Poppy had to get the needle out with pliers.

I almost passed out.

But I couldn't, because then who would hold mom up?

She was white as a ghost and clammy. It wasn't good.

But mom was a trooper, slapped on a band-aid and finished the job!!

Olivia blew everyone away.

She got 100%.

Her highness, Queen Olivia.

My kid is so cool.

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