Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day Pig Roast!!

On Sunday we travelled to our friend (and my adopted sister) Meg's house -
- for their annual pig roast. It was a looooooong drive.

Luckily, the pigs directed us there.....

(They were in the back yard)

Sydney took my camera after about an hour and just about every picture in here was taken by her.

The 2009 annual pig roast photographer...

A picture of my purse - in case it broke and I needed to know what it looked like so I could get another one (according to Sydney).

The boys, hanging out, drinking beer and playing horseshoes....because apparently that's what you do in West-by God-Virginia!

Daddy throwing 'shoes.....

He's so dapper!

An artistic photo of toes, compliments of Sydney.

(I don't know who the toes belong to, but they aren't mine)

My last baby girl (Sydney), with my first baby girl (Taylor) who is my Goddaughter....

Taylor is almost 17 which means I'm......old.

The rope swing was a HUGE hit.

Here's Taylor and Liv swinging away....over the giant ravine in the woods.

Thank God Sydney had the camera because I couldn't have taken a picture with my hands over my eyes.

Taylor making a graceful landing.....

Don't worry - we didn't lose Liv into the Abyss. She had already gotten off at this point.

I know - "WHEW", right?

And then this lovely lady - who we'll call "SAM"(because, well, that's her name) got on the swing.

And convinced me to get on and take a little jaunt on the rope at about 9:30 that night.

I had been drinking.

But it was dark, so I couldn't see how far I would fall.

And I sat on top of the knot, not in the little loop.

I'm writing this though, so you know I made it.

Mom also took a little swing (which was very funny) and luckily for both of us there is no photographic evidence of it because .....the memory card of the camera was full. Did I tell you Sydney had the camera?


But lots of people saw us and will testify, in court if necessary, that we did IN FACT swing on the rope.

I, for one, screamed like a little girl.

A little girl who knew how to curse.

And did.


And it echoed.

They heard me in Maryland.

I think Sydney has an eye for photography, no?

Oh look! A pig at the pig roast!

Wait.....that's ME!


Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

THat's a great shot of you! And the bbq looks like so much fun.

Dionne Family said...

The infamous toes belong to my Emma.