Sunday, August 9, 2009

Beaches, Gay Bars and Burns.....

The ocean is quite possibly my favorite place in the world. Not necessarily the beach, but most definitely the ocean. The sand I can take or leave - makes no difference to me - but there's something about the ocean that immediately relaxes, makes me feel at peace, and makes me feel at home. Perhaps from spending so much time on the ocean as a young child? I don't know....all I know is that I am never happier than when I'm at the ocean.

We traveled to Dewey Beach to see friends and spent a couple of days in the sand playing with the kids.....

We laid in the sun, played in the waves and in the sand and generally had a great time.....

My friends two boys were there too...the girls had a great time playing with them for a few days.
We told all the kids to "grab a hand" we were walking through the parking lot on the way to dinner.

Evan, age 9, grabbed Sydney's hand.....

And held it the whole way to the restaurant....

The restaurant was right on the Sound and the weather was simply beautiful - 80's, sunny, blue skies, no humidity and a nice breeze every day and night.....

Staci checking out the restaurant.

Sharon trying to be cool...

...and Staci laughing at her.

All the kiddos

Colin, Evan, Olivia & Sydney

After two days, we sent the kids to my in-laws at Bethany Beach for two nights and had some adult time. Friday night we went up to Rehobeth Beach to meet up with Cye and Tara.

Brian got his oysters....

And Sharon got sick.

Just kidding!

Me & Staci

Sharon & Staci

Cye & Me

Cye & Tara

Three high school buddies...
MANY years later.....

After Happy Hour it was off to the sing Karaoke. Woot!!!
The bar was predominantly gay and there were some very entertaining singers and dancers.
We all love this place!!
I have now had numerous cocktails and am enjoying myself immensely. Unfortunately, Cye knows this and has taken advantage of the situation and has now talked me into getting up and singing with her.
Cye loves Karaoke.
She also knows that if I have enough to drink I'll get up there with her.

What the hell, right???
If you're in a gay bar, and they are singing karaoke and you are there enjoying yourself, then I think it should be a requirement that you get up and sing.

Oh Yeah. We're clearly feeling very happy now....

And really, what dorks we are....

Apparently, we provided much entertainment to Brian, Staci and Sharon who sat back and enjoyed the show. (And I'm not talking about the drag show...)

Ah yes - there we are....singing our little hearts out. Off key, probably, at that time of night.

Evidently we thought we were AWESOME.....

I think the huge round of appaulse we got was due to the fact that we were leaving the stage, rather than the fact that we were actually any good..... but, whatever.

The Jolly Trolley on the way back to Dewey. I was pretty Jolly. From what they tell me.

The next evening we stayed in Dewey.

No more karaoke to entertain me.

There was this though....

Apparently this dude lost a bet. That's what I'm going to tell myself anyway....

Brian's cousins were also in town and we were lucky enough to meet up with them Saturday night and we got to hang out all night.

Phil, Me, Jess (Brian's Cousin) and Brian

Sunday it was home again, home again, jiggity jig. We picked up the kids and left for Frederick....and promptly ran into a monsoon with torrential downpours, high winds, tornado warnings and wicked lightening. Since my husband decided that his farmers tan should be evened out and "since he's American Indian" he would be "OK" if he laid out all day on Saturday without sunscreen....he couldn't move, much less drive.

So, I had to drive through the hurricane.
And listen to him moan about how miserable he was.
He's started peeling now and looks as if he has some horrible skin disease.
I won't touch him.
Seriously. It's pretty gross.

(Note to Brian - you are only 1/8 Indian. SPF is your friend. Just sayin'.)

And lastly, one of my favorite pictures of the trip.

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Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Ah, I love the photo of Sydney with your friend's son. It would be great if they ended up together when they were older and you could say "I took this when..."

Unless he turns out gay. Then you can save the bar photos for him!