Saturday, August 29, 2009

Oh My!!!

Well, don't I have a lot to update you on! Let's see.....
As a celebration of the last weekend before school, we took the kids to downtown Frederick to walk along the Creek and then to dinner....

The girls love walking along the Creek.

And Sydney loves to "cut up" at dinner.

Everything I love is right in this picture.

And THEN it was the first day of school!

Here's my baby girl - a first grader {sniff, sniff}

And my other baby - Fourth grade now.

Where have the last ten years gone and how do I get them back?????

A little nervous laughter helps to keep the "first day of school" jitters away!

So sweet...

And THEN - this weekend was opening weekend in football and both girls are cheering.

(Our schedule is a little crazy)

Mini-pony Sydney...hamming it up as usual!


A bunch of five year olds doing cheerleading stunts.

Feel free to close your eyes...

I do.

And here's Liv - Pony cheerleader!

They are cheering for a rival of the school that I attended in High School.

It's a little difficult to scream "GO LANCERS!"

I feel like a traitor....

Isn't she CUTE?????

They had a balloon launch for the mother of one of Liv's teammates who was tragically killed in a helicopter accident a few weeks ago. It was very moving....and so touching to see her young daughter get out there and cheer after the balloons were let go...


The big girls doin' their THANG at halftime.

My Saturdays for the next three months will be spent watching this.

They love it, and I love watching them

(even though it was SOOO H O T today and I had to sit in the sun for 6 hours and felt like a big sweatball and now we're all exhausted and cranky).

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