Thursday, November 5, 2009

...And it's only Thursday......

This is quite possibly the worst week EV-ER.

Why you ask? Well, let's see, let's start with school.....

I had a group project due a few weeks ago. I knew that my group was lacking, how shall we put it, any motivation to do a good job. I did the best i could, and more work than I should have had to do for a GROUP project, and still, it sucked. Big Time. I knew this, but I also know that, in the past when a teacher has "assigned" groups, they typically give you an individual grade based on the work YOU do. Long story short, it's been an awful semester, the entire class is fed up with this teacher and to top it off, I failed my group project.

Yup. Big ole "F".

Because my grade was based on the group as a whole, and we were graded by people from the "community" who she brought in at the last minute (meaning we walked into class and there they sat, pencils and rubrics ready), who had no idea what our assignment was (because she didn't provide them with it) and who totally ripped us for not including information that we were clearly told by our teacher NOT to include.

But, I digress. Fact is, I'm screwed. I can't graduate if I get a grade less than a "B". And seeing as how I'm basically an "A" student, I find it hard to wrap my head around the fact that I can carry three classes, in my last semester, with "A"'s in my other classes and an overall "A" average, and suddenly not know what the hell I'm doing. It is some consolation that there are others in the class that are in the same position, but it really doesn't make me feel any better. The best part is, they cut off my school loans for next semester so I have to figure out how to pay for next semester while also trying to figure out how to pay all the school loans I have taken out up until this point, because they are all coming due. Apparently, I need a part time job. Because I have time for that.

So there you have it. Crap Week - part one.

Next we have the fact that some of the copper pipes in the house have sprung leaks and need to be replaced. The girls bathtub faucet runs constantly - when not turned on and with the water valve turned to "off" (I still haven't figured this one out), and the garage door opener is basically shot to hell and only works when it feels like it. And it never feels like working when I am trying to open it and I have missed the bus on numerous occasions because of it. The best part is, I can't even fix most of this stuff now, because we, my friends, are broke. And everyday it's something new.

And there's Crap Week - part two.

My children have all of a sudden turned into contrary, back talking, whiny little people with BIG attitudes, who feel that anything I say is wrong, I don't know what I'm talking about, and apparently speaking to me in a normal voice, and answering my questions is just too taxing for them so instead they feel that rolling eyes, flipping hair at me and walking away is the best course of action when I ask them questions like, "Where is your book bag?" or "Where is your coat?" or the horribly insensitive "How was your day?" I just figure it's best not to talk. At all.

And there's Crap Week - part three.

I'll give myself two more days before I have a compete and total breakdown. I wouldn't want to waste a perfectly good fit of hysteria when it's only Thursday and God only knows what else will happen before the end of this horribly-crappy-please-just-let-it-end week.

Hope you are all having a better week than me. Hell, it can't possibly be worse than mine, right?

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