Friday, November 6, 2009

I'm Mrs. Brightside

Let's revisit Crap Week, shall we?

Crap Week - part one

Apparently my professor feels that I'm doing well in her class and that I shouldn't worry. When I pointed out that she gave me an "F", so how could she feel that I was doing well, I got a long drawn out speech which, I believe, boils down to this:

My grade is subjective and so long as I kick ass on this last project I may come out of this just fine.

No pressure though.


Crap Week - part two

Copper futures are trading at $2.95 a pound.

I'll sell my copper pipes to the junk man in town. I'm pretty sure anyone in the junk gathering business follows the market carefully.


Problem solved.

Crap Week - part three
Yeah, there's not much I can do about this one until they're in their twenties, at which point they will be in therapy (because of their crazy mother) and sending me the bills.

That's a problem for another time.


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