Monday, November 2, 2009

Darkness and light...

Mwuah ha ha ha ha ha........

Olivia the Vampire queen.....

Who's just a little impatient with all the picture taking since it was cutting into her candy grubbing time.

"I vant to drink your bloooooood..........."

And then we have Sydney - the Tooth Fairy. Seems we have a tooth theme going here this year!

Seriously - could these girls be any more opposite if they tried????

And before you laugh too much, yes - I made the wand from poster board, glitter glue and pipe cleaner. The crown has poster board teeth hot glued to it and her "tooth bag" did as well.

What's a mom to do when her daughter wants to be the Tooth Fairy?

Have you ever seen a "Tooth Fairy" costume?


Unfortunately for my children I am the least crafty person in the world with stuff like this. This was almost as bad as the year Olivia wanted to be a rainbow.

Yes, a RAINBOW. That was an interesting one......

I have no idea how to sew - it's a major event when the kids lose a button. They have to go to my mother's to get it sewn back on.

I go to the dry cleaners. They do it for you.

But Sydney was happy with her costume and everyone knew what she was - which was my biggest fear.

I could just see her walking up to the door......

"Trick or Treat!!!"

"Um, what are you supposed to be? What are those big white things glued all over you?"

She would have been devastated.

The whole gang - Liv, Serena, Sydney, Bubba and Lucas


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Bethann said...

LOVE the girls' costumes! You did an awesome job on the tooth fairy. No one said we have to know how to sew to be creative, right? Nice job, Momma.