Sunday, December 14, 2008

Here Comes Santa Claus!!!!!

I have been studying ALL DAY.....

Brian was good enough to take the girls to see Santa at the local Ruritan Club (free - YAY!) They made crafts and got some snacks and sat on Santa's Lap.

Here they are all lined up to see Santa.

My girls look a little apprehensive, but Serena (in the grey) looks like a kid in a candy store.

Liv went first. I think she is on the cusp of no longer believing in Santa. She's made some comments and is asking questions about him. I'm not lying to her, but am artfully skirting the questions. I just want one more year. I think I'll cry the day she no longer believes. And I know she'll spill it to her sister in a fit of rage one day when Sydney takes a toy from her or annoys her as little sisters do.

So I'm hoping we make it through this season with Santa still coming down the chimney!

She looks a little bored, huh? He apparently asked her to name all of his reindeer.

Her Answer?

"Um, Rudolph and...Nixon? Something like that."

Santa looked stunned.

Nixon? Really, Liv....

And what do you want little girl????

"I want lots of presents - I sent you a list - I want some Polly Pockets..."

"...and a baby doll that poops and pees...." ('cause that's just what we need)

"...and this giant stuffed mechanical dog that moves and barks and stuff." (and costs $200)

Because apparently the two real dogs she has aren't lifelike enough.

Every year, Judi and Ted send the girls trees - decorated and with lights - the girls look forward to getting thier trees, because they get to put them in thier rooms and it means Christmas is getting REALLY close....

Liv's tree this year was decorated with nutcrackers...

Sydney's has birds and red garland.

They're always different, and always beautiful - and the best part is that they are live trees, so we plant them after Christmas and can watch them grow for years to come.

I finally hung the stockings....

by the chimney...

...with care.

I love Christmas.

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Andrea Frazer - Pass the Zoloft said...

Oh, I love the Santa pics. And the live tree tradition is a great one. I am stealing it.