Friday, January 15, 2010

PHILLY bound!!!!!

We're off to Philly!!

(OK, close to Philly......not exactly Philapdelphia, but really, it's like RIGHT THERE)

We are going to see these two fabulous people...

Judi and Ted - otherwise known as "Gamma Judi and Mister"

(Sydney is probably going to play some cars with Mister - they discussed it the other night. It's what they do)

Monday? I'm off (had to take a vacation day - we aren't closed for MLK Day) and I plan to tackle the WALLPAPER!!)

Is it sad that a little project like a bathroom will take me a year?

On another note, I found some awesome wall decor at Marshall's today.

And it was cheap.

Like seriously cheap.

Go me!

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Andrea Frazer said...

I remember that couple from a prior post (I think) I hope you have a great time.