Sunday, January 31, 2010

Minor Bathroom Update

So, we finally got around to getting some things done in the bathroom. I started stripping the wallpaper a few weeks ago, but things got a little crazy with everything Beth is going through and I just didn't have it in me to go back and finish.

But, things have to keep moving forward and I would REALLY like to get my kids out of the little master bath. Plus, we'll be having a few small events for Beth here at the house, so I need to get it finished.

SO! I finally finished stripping the wallpaper today.

Brian removed the toilet.

And I cleaned up the bazillion little pieces of wallpaper that were all over the floor, in the tub, in the sink and everywhere else you can imagine!

The walls need to be sanded, a few holes need to be patched, and then I'll start priming.


{ahem - sorry!}

So, we've already run into a few snags:

The tub is 58", not 60", which is the standard size.


It does appear that the interior of the exterior wall (did ya get that?) was bumped out, (or "in" rather), about two inches or so, maybe to accomodate the shorter tub?

The bump out (or "in") sounds hollow, but the only way to know for sure is to take a hammer to it

I called dibs on that job.

If it's not hollow and there's something in there, then I guess we'll have to install a large shower instead of a tub. We've also thought about just refacing the tub, but I have read so many negative things about refacing an fiberglass tub, so we've put that decision on hold.

Then we have the floor which we plan to start tearing up this week.


I think we're going to try our hand at ceramic tile installation. We found some really nice, neutral tile today for $.99 a square foot, the floor is 25 square feet, but we'll get extra - it'll cost us about $30.00 in tile. We can borrow a wet saw from a friend, so we really just need the concrete board and materials to lay it.

As I said, a new counter top is not a necessity right now. BUT! I have several ideas how to make the counter top fit in better with the room and I'll let you know if it works out - ha!

We thought about getting a new light fixture, but I like this one.

I bought some new globes for it and decided I'd just paint it. So we picked up a can of Rustoleum darkened bronze spray paint.

But I didn't want to get any paint in the light receptacle thingy, so I wrapped them in saran wrap and put a rubber band around it. Sooooooo classy.

Unfortunately, the basement is dark and my flash really made this look gray.

I assure you, it's not.

I didn't want to buy two new mirrors, so these will get a bit of paint too.

I started painting them tonight, so hopefully those will be done soon. The cabinet doors and drawers are just about done, so now I just need to paint the cabinet itself (Which won't be hard - there's not much to paint there).


Beth starts treatment tomorrow, so send her some good wishes......

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