Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Looks like we made it...

Brian and I have been putting in some long hours, neglecting the yard and the housework, neglecting the kids (no, not really....well, OK, maybe a little...) and made so much progress over the weekend that I think we are actually going to meet our deadline for hosting Easter dinner with a somewhat, almost, pretty damn near finished dining room, sitting room and staircase.

Whew!  This weekend we laid the flooring (all 500 square feet of it - my knees and hips still hurt), laid the quarter round, put a fresh coat of paint on the dining room, painted all the pocket doors (I'm finishing the last one now), touched up everything, caulked and finished up the trim on the stairs and in the sitting room. I'm tired just reading that! In the middle of all that, I managed to get in a few little runs and when I got on the scale this morning I was down 3 pounds - Woot! 

All we have left to do is hang one more piece of crown moulding in the hall and touch it up, lay the thresholds (we have a little issue there) and move everything back in the rooms. 

I have been taking pictures along the way, but frankly, we crawl into bed late a night, barely able to even say "g'night" and so downloading them from my camera is not exactly at the top of my list :) 

The Easter Bunny is NOT going to recognize our house. 

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