Monday, April 4, 2011

My Secret Society....

I've always been intrigued by secret societies and organizations - The Masons, Skull and Bones, etc., etc. I love the mystery that surrounds them and have always wanted to belong to one just to see what really goes on......

Way back when I was in grad school (like, last year) I became friends with four very lovely ladies. Since our program was specialized, we went through each and every class with almost always the same 20 or so students. About one semester in, the four other girls and I came to realize the following:

1. We are all type "A" personalities when it comes to our education

2. We are all overachievers for the most part

3. We each had a different "specialty" in our field

4. Together we were unstoppable

It soon became known to everyone that the five of us, or some combination of the five of us, would be grouped together for studying, group presentations and projects (of which there were a TON). The reasons were fairly simple. None of us were slackers, you always knew that you didn't have to do someone else's work because they dropped the ball, we all worked very well together and each of us lamented any grade below an A.

At some point, about three classes in, one of our professors nicknamed us "
The Cabal". Not a very flattering name since he basically called us a secret society bent on overtaking the world in a sinister way, but whatever.

We soon became known - and referred to as - "The Cabal".  Not just by our classmates, but also by future professors, like "Hey - what does the Cabal think of that presentation?" "Is the Cabal getting together for studying this weekend?" "Hey - where's the rest of the Cabal?"

It's actually quite funny.

We now refer to ourselves as the Cabal and try to get together for dinner or brunch every month or two. We exchange ideas, talk about what's happening in our personal lives and gossip. Not the earth shattering stuff of an evil group making plans to rule the world, but it works for us. We all live in different places, so other than e-mail this is the only way we keep in touch for the most part.

I suppose I'll never be a part of a real secret society, but I never would have made it through grad school with the Cabal.

So, if you're out and about in the area, and you see five women in the back corner of some diner, just remember - they may be plotting to take over the world, planning thier next venture.....or talking about the lastest sale at Neimans.

You just never know....


Life in Rehab said...

Hey, I thought I was the one trying to take over the world?

Hartwood Roses said...

I have a group of friends like this!! We're called the BGOs (Bad Greyhound Owners) and there's nothing that the four of us can't accomplish when we work together ... and we work together very well. Isn't it great!