Saturday, May 7, 2011

Eight years ago today

This little piece of sunshine came into our lives…..

Sydney Bath b & w

Look close and you can see the tears - she had just fallen over and bumped her head

She made our family complete.

The Girls b&w

Totally different from her sister – Sydney Alexandra Henry was nearly bald with just a bit of soft downy blond hair. 

She’s sensitive to a fault – a cuddlebug to top all cuddlebugs, with a daring adventurous side.  She loves to play dress up, she loves to play cars, she loves her baby dolls and stuffed animals, and she loves to jump off high things and go fast.  

And the kid can fall asleep anywhere...

Seriously - I have about 50 pictures of her in various places sound asleep. 

As tentative as her sister was and is, Sydney is the complete opposite.  She has little fear – which made the toddler years interesting to say the least. 

And she’s the cutest little bugger you ever saw.  

Forgive me for the cuteness overload you are about to see…..

MAriya & SYdney
Our former nanny Mariya and Sydney at mom's pool

Love Bug, you make me laugh everyday.  Your dad and I love you soooo much. 

Don't ever change.

You're perfect the way you are.

Happy birthday beautiful....


andrea frazer said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl! I had no idea she and Stink were the same age. She seems older. Girls often do. Congrats!

Life in Rehab said...

Happy birthday to the former dollop of plump and the current graceful and gregarious swan!

Kathy said...

She's adorable! My daughter, when younger, would sleep anywhere! Sometimes she'd sleepwalk! Now she's 18 - time flies wayyyyy to fast,