Saturday, August 6, 2011

Our most costly Before and After....





Olivia got braces on Friday.  So far she's been so good about it.

She's brushed her teeth at least four times a day.

She's flossed.

Unfortunately, she's barely eaten.

She has a bite guard in so she can't shew.  Her teeth don't touch anymore in the back.
But she's been so good about it.  

She's taken a lot of Tylenol.

But she's been a trooper. 

And in 3 years, I'll have another before and after.

A very expensive one.

But the most worthy one to date.

And that new car Brian wanted?

It's now in his daughter's mouth - ha!

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Hartwood Roses said...

You're taking me down memory lane this morning! Three daughters, three sets of braces, each one more expensive and involved than the previous one. Their smiles look like chicklets now, so it's all worth it ... as long as they wear their retainers afterward. (My 25-year-old daughter still wears her retainer every night, and her teeth are stunning!)

Here's a warning from someone who's been there ... pay special attention to where the brackets glue onto her front teeth. If not spotlessly maintained, your daughter can end up with decalcified spots that are permanent. (voice of experience here, too.)

Now you get to experience the joy of colorful rubberbands to celebrate holidays!