Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Our new retirement plan...

Since the stock market is in the crapper (excuse my language) Brian and I decided to look elsewhere for our retirement funds.

For Christmas/his birthday, Brian got a new set of golf clubs.

The questions then became, what to do with the old ones?

I voted to sell them on Craigslist. 

I got vetoed.

He cut them down so the girls could use them instead. 

I'm OK with that.

They go out every night and hit balls in the side yard.

Tonight while Liv is at practice, Brian is taking Sydney to the driving range.

They actually LIKE it.

Look at that form - when she wins a bunch of money as a pro, she can take care of her mom and dad.

Voila!  Retirement!

This is where the "coach" sits, observing their swings, occasionally getting up to help with their form....

As you can see, Olivia takes it very seriously.  So seriously, she doesn't even wear shoes.

Sydney is a little more serious about it.  She even insists on wearing a hat when she golfs, like daddy.

(Watch out Mister, Sydney would now like to play cars and golf with you.)

He is the master of all he surveys....

Actually, he's just happy to have SOMEONE interested in something besides cheerleading and ballet. 


Cass @ That Old House said...

What an adorable post! I have two (grown) daughters, so this really touched me, seeing your little girls out playing with their Daddy.

And it's a great idea to cut down the clubs. You are WISE to train them to some money-making career. We made the mistake of letting our girls choose their own paths --one is a PhD candidate in Philosophy of all things, the other is a grad student in theater --- so yeah, they are not going to be supporting us in our old age!

I just hope we get a nice shack without a leaky roof..... and that dog food isn't too icky.


Bethann said...

Deb, my father did the same thing for me when I was about Olivia's age. I have loved golf ever since. No one is going to retire on my skills, but it is a wonderful sport and I have many good memories of time out on the links with my dad and my friends :-)