Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hot Damn!

Look ma!!

No more dish pan hands!

On Friday our new dishwasher was delivered. 

I'd love to tell you the make, the model and all that jazz...

But, alas..... I really have no freakin' clue off the top of my head and I'm too lazy to get up and dig out the paperwork. 

I CAN tell you that it's black, it's a GE, it's a tall tub, and it cleans like a mo-fo.

And we got a HELL of a deal on it. 

This was definitely one of those "it's not what you know, it's who you know" times.

Someday I'll tell you all about it.  But right now, let's look at what happened here this weekend!

Taking out old Faithful. 

Good bye dear Maytag, circa 1995, who served us (and Judi & Ted) well. 

Now, I should tell you that we have copper pipes.  Copper pipes that tend to be very persnickety and like to get little pin holes in them if you look at them the wrong way.

Baxter - saying goodbye....

Brian was really nervous about taking the dishwasher out because, well, we just weren't sure how the pipes would react.

Would they rebel and spew everywhere to show their displeasure or would they be pleased to serve this new King?  

(Damn - can you tell I'm reading Game of Thrones?)

We had a plumber on stand by - just in case.

Turns out, removal and installation went off without a hitch and within 2 hours I was loading that beautiful bad boy up and turning him on...

Hello Lover....

Most of my appliances are white.  But, I chose black so that it wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb from our dark cabinets.  It's actually not as noticeable as I thought it would be.

Score one for me.

And I have opened it in the middle of a cycle at least ten times - just to make sure it was actually running.  

That's how quiet it is. 

 I pretty much love it.

Although I just looked at this picture and realized that I'm going to be constantly cleaning the front, so it stays nice and shiny.  

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Hartwood Roses said...

Yay!!! Our dishwasher went out this past summer, and it took a WEEKS for the two service calls required to get the guy out to diagnose it and then install the ordered part. We all pitched in and washing by hand wasn't TOO horrible ... yes it was.

A quiet dishwasher is the BEST!