Thursday, February 23, 2012

So, here's the thing....

There just really hasn't been too much happening around here. I mean, I have all these projects that are half done that I just can't get motivated or find the time to finish.

I have two daughters that I adore who are becoming social butterflies that keep me busy busy busy on the weekends.  I have decided that I really need to enjoy the next 10 years and take a step back and realize that my babies will soon be grown women themselves. I need to take advantage of  every moment that I can.  This is hard - I work full time, with an hour commute each way and very long days.  Weekends are a frenzy of house cleaning, laundry, dish washing, grocery shopping, family time, fun time, friend time -   seriously.  Who can fit all that into 48 hours? 

Not to mention  - I have a shit ton of projects and creative stuff coming out of my ears that I can't get to and that frustrates me to no end.

But, I have been exercising a lot more - which is giving me a lot more energy - and also provides me with some alone time where I can be by myself with my thoughts.  I work out a lot of stuff on those runs.

All that being said, I want to write down what I hope to accomplish in the next month or so- I hope it'll make me accountable.  (Hope springs eternal...)

1.  Run at least 5 times a week - three of those times being early  morning treadmill runs.  Which I hate.  But I have another race coming up in May and I want to be ready.
2.  Try to lose about 5 pounds.  I'm uncomfortable in my skin right now.
3.  Pick out material for the couch in the sitting room and find an upholsterer.  I just can't make a decision here.  But it's gone on long enough.
4.  Get the pictures I have had for 6 months now hung on the walls in the sitting room.  This is more work than it sounds like.  I'll let you know why when I'm done.
5.  Rework our budget.  We've done a few things to hopefully give us some extra cash.  We will both be needing new cars in the next few years and I'd like to save up a sizable down payment.  Because cars are crazy expensive.
6. Do something fun with the girls at least once a week.
7. Snuggle with my babies before bed at least a few times a week.  I love those snuggles, where we all climb in my bed and hunker down under the big down comforter and giggle and cuddle up together.

I think that's enough for a month, don't you? Stay tuned to see how I do....

And after reading this post I realize I'm a hot mess - I am all OVER the place.

Can you get ADD at the age of 41? 


Hartwood Roses said...

All mothers with active kids are all over the place. It's the nature of the job. Add to this all the other stuff you do (which is totally human and normal) and it seems totally overwhelming. Remember, we all have the same 24 hours each day and they are our to use as we wish. Sounds to me like you are using yours wisely ... especially the snuggling time. (I loved bedtime stories while my girls were little.)

Sarah said...

Deb! Finally surfed over here from Beth's blog.... Running: I will hold you accountable if you hold me accountable. :) Now that I've taken two (yes... two) months off from running, it SUCKS. But I have that half in September... and failure is not an option. :)

At least my kids still fit in the jogging stroller... you know, if it stayed light past 5:30 p.m. and weren't cold running outside would be an option!