Monday, June 4, 2012


My sweet Baxter Boy apparently has cancer - we noticed a mass on his leg last night and took him to the vet this morning. 

 We're struggling right now with what to do so I'd appreciate if you could keep my sweet boy in your thoughts.  This is like a double whammy for us, since Chauncey is now walking on three legs due to a shoulder injury that doesn't seem to be getting any better.  We've been so focused on Chauncey and never in a million years could have guessed that Baxter was sick - he's been perfectly fine and hasn't shown any signs of pain, or of slowing down. 

I'm devastated since Baxter is my baby and has the most gentle soul and eyes that melt my heart. 

 I love that face.....

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Hartwood Roses said...

Have your vet refer you to Southpaws and make an appointment for Baxter to see Sarah Sheafor, the most awesome veterinary oncologist on the planet. She will set you and your sweet pup on the right path to treatment, or at least ease your mind about what you will be dealing with as you manage him his cancer. I love her, and you will too.

I'm really sorry about this.