Wednesday, May 30, 2012

The Front Yard

Let's take a tour of our yard, shall we?

This is the front of the house (says Captain Obvious).

That large brown patch of ground you see in front used to be filled with ground cover called vinca (which is actually quite lovely and gets these nice little purple flowers on it).
This is what it looks like - we left a bit at the bottom of the bed

 I would have been OK with the bed staying as it, but unfortunately, it was intermixed with ivy and morning glories.  The ivy was getting really invasive and starting to attack the siding of the house and choke out some bushes.  Anyone who's ever had to deal with ivy knows that it's extremely difficult to kill - every time we thought we had it conquered, it would come back.  So, we had to take drastic measures.

More on this in the next post.  Moving on...

I love our driveway - the trees make me swoon...

Coming down the driveway.  That area under the birch tree right there is one of my favorite spots in the yard.

View from the driveway through the cherry trees to the right  into the side/back yard.

(more pictures of the cherry trees in bloom and the back yard here)

The fence to the back yard directly to the right of the garage.

The deck.  Yes, I realize it needs to be power washed and sealed but that mofo is huge and is a three day project in itself. 

We had holly bushes surrounding the deck that grew quite large - and attracted hundreds of yellow jackets in the summer.  Apparently bees love holly trees and bushes.  Not exactly ideal for two young girls who loved to play outside in the summer time.  The bushes would "hum" with the noise of so many bees, so we removed them a few years ago and managed to save a few which were transplanted to the back of our property (where the bees can hum to their hearts content).  

We have several more holly bushes out front and a few trees so I still have fresh holly at the holidays.

Last year we planted some azaleas on the back side, in the hopes that they will fill in around the deck so you can't see the ugliness underneath.  

I ADORE azaleas and rhododendrons.  I just wish their beautiful flowers lasted longer. 

On we go....

Switching to the left side of the driveway now....

View from the driveway looking to the front of the house.

View going up the walkway from the driveway to the front of the house. 

Looking back down the walkway.

As you can see, we have some work to do. 

The bushes I refer to as "the ones that are green underneath and red on top". Very technical terms, I know.

View from the front/side yard looking toward the driveway

Rhododendrons out front. Two of these are getting choked out by the holly trees and two others are just getting choked out by the bushes planted next to them (Darwinism - survival of the fittest applies to plants too!) 

Looking from the end of the walkway to the front door onto the side yard. 

So, why am I taking you on this tour?

Well, Brian and I spent two full days - from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm - working in the front yard.  We did some pretty major landscaping.  

And this is ONLY the front yard.

And we aren't done. 

I declare 2012 "The Year of the Yard".

After pictures to follow.....

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